Ligandrol ( LGD-4033): Benefits & Side Effects (Update August 2019)


Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033, is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It was first formulated by ligand pharmaceuticals, hence its name. Since then, it has been undergoing several developmental processes and clinical tests by Viking therapeutics
As a SARM, it is seen as an effective treatment option for a variety of bone injuries and muscle wasting illnesses. Its development is also meant to address conditions such as aging and osteoporosis. Most credible scientific studies also suggest that the drug can work as an appropriate therapy for cancer and even Aids.

Although it’s still under various stages of development, it has become quite popular for professional athletes such as bodybuilders, who claim that it works exceptionally well in muscle growth and strength. It’s said that unlike steroids, LGD-4033 comes with minimal, to zero side effects. Hence there is never potential harm to the vital organs of the body such as the liver and prostate.

How It Works

The drug works the same way as other SARMs, by binding to androgen receptors in the muscles as well as bones. Therefore there is no way it can travel in the bloodstream and onto the vital organs such as the liver and kidneys to cause harm as steroids do.

Once the drug is introduced in the system, it raises high anabolic activity in both the muscles and bone structure. This immediately arrests any muscle and bone wasting processes. According to several trials, individuals using the drug exhibit lean muscle mass.

There is also an evident decrease in body fat and an overall sense of well-being. The drug also accelerates healing processes in affected individuals. Scientists, therefore, think LGD-4033 is a timely intervention for the elderly, muscle degeneration atrophy, and in the recovery of hip fractures.

Some of the Potential Uses For Ligandrol

Currently, the drug is being researched as an effective treatment option for the following:

Treatment of Muscle Atrophy: Some health conditions such as cancer, Aids, kidney disease among others come with severe weight loss, which affects the muscle structure. This can also compromise the quality of life as a patient undergoes various stages of treatment. 

Also, as people age, their metabolism rates decline, leading to more fat deposits in the body, while even replacing muscle mass. The drug can be used to address such cases by improving muscle mass, but also improving overall body strength and wellbeing of all those concerned.

Cure of Different Types of Fractures and Osteoporosis: LGD-4033 is seen as a potential treatment option for loss of bone density, and cases of hip fractures. The key reason is that the drug usually, starts activating androgen receptors once its administered. Then it works by increasing bone mineral density and lead to the formation of new bones as the response of fractures and any other types of bone injury. 

Menopausal women have always benefited from HRT, but which also carries long-term side effects, including breast cancer. Ligandrol might be what they need to address health issues, including bone and muscle wasting.

Increase in Libido: Although research is still ongoing, it is said that drug interactions can positively impact the regeneration of libido. Since the drug improves muscle strength. This can be directly related to increasing stamina, and hence sexual performance. Recent users have admitted to a general increase in energy levels, wellbeing, and ultimately in matters of libido.

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Benefits of LGD-4033

Several advantages associated with this drug are as follows:

  • It comes with minimal side effects.
  • Promotes lean muscle as well as muscle strength.
  • It can heal, strengthen and increase bone mass.
  • Stimulates overall well being.

The drug can be used by a wide range of professional athletes to build muscle strength and optimize body composition.

Dosage cycle of LGD-4033

According to clinical trials, safe dosage and tolerance levels of LGD-4033 stand at 0.1mg, 0.3mg, and 1.0mg.

On the other hand, the drug can be taken in dosages of 10mg for men and 5mg for women who are bodybuilding, cutting, or bulking. The dosage cycle is usually between 8-12 weeks. 

Users can then continue with further post cycle therapy. Although there no indications for long term adverse side effects, it’s always important to consider drug safety and stay within the 12-week cycle.

The drug features a first half-life of between 24-36 hours; this means that users can tolerate a daily dose at once without any side effects. It is also stated that the drug’s concentration usually builds up gradually, with a tolerance of over three weeks. 

Side Effects

Most of the clinical trials indicate that the drug is both safe and effective. For example, when it was administered to a group of healthy men in its very lower doses of 0.1mg, 0.3mg, and 1.0mg, no severe side effects were exhibited. However, the most common side effects were as follows:

  • Dry mouth
  • Headache 
  • Upper respiratory tract infection, not sure if it was related to drug dosage
  • Muscle biopsy-related pain, probably not associated with drug dosage.
  • Individuals who use more than the recommended dose may experience such side effects as:
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

Meanwhile, most scientists are not sure if some of these minor side effects can be attributed to something else other than LGD-4033, which is seen to be completely safe. Another reason why there is doubt of apparent side effects is that there is super tolerance of the drug among a wide range of trial groups which has always shown similar positive results.


Clinical trials and pilot studies for LGD-4033 place it in the category of very safe and effective drug therapies. Although everything remains inconclusive as of now, the drug is a timely treatment intervention for so many maladies. Conditions like age, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, cancer, and other diseases can be history with Ligandrol therapy.

The best thing is that LGD-4033 is known to have a high affinity for just muscle and bone androgen receptors, and not for the liver, or prostate or any other delicate organ receptors. This allows it to target only those areas it is supposed to work on, and not interfere with vital organs of the body.

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Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

Ostarine (MK2866): The Review (Updated August 2019)


A brief history to Ostarine

So, you want to know more about ostarine. You want to know how it will help you with fat loss and muscle growth. In this article, we will try to answer all your queries. We will try to cover almost all the aspects including benefits, cycle, and side effects.

What is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a SARM developed by GTx laboratories. Initially, it was introduced as a potential therapeutic aid to help cancer patients to prevent muscle waste. Ostarine is considered safer and more effective than other SARMS since it has gone through extensive research before introducing for the use of common people. In fact, some studies are still going on to prove the efficiency of this SARM.

In the early 2000s, bodybuilders started taking ostarine for muscle growth. Now it is one of the most popular SARMs in the world that can be used for multiple purposes that include recomping, bulking, and cutting. You can use it to achieve your any fitness goal. Whether it is gaining muscles or cutting fat, ostarine can help in both.

Unlike other SARMs, it binds to androgen receptors of your muscles and bones without influencing other organs and tissues of your body. As it does not convert to the estrogen, you can expect clean and lean benefits.

How Does It Work?

As stated earlier, this SARM binds to androgen receptors in bone tissues and muscles. These receptors are specifically programmed to get information on steroidal hormones including DHT, testosterone, and estrogen. Ostarine stimulates these receptors and mimics the activities of the exogenous testosterone in the human body.

Is Ostarine Safe?

SARMs are not normally considered safe. However, ostarine is a selective SARM that affects your cellular receptors selectively. Therefore, it does not offer any typical side effects. Also, it is considered safe compared to the other SARMs. It will not cause unwanted hair loss or growth and virilization in females. Also, you should not be bothered about gynecomastia while using Ostarine. Still, it is a powerful compound and might cause some minimal side effects when ingested. As a result, there might be mild suppression in natural testosterone production. It can cause a headache as well.

You can make the process more effective and minimize the effects by following regular protocol. Follow a 12-week cycle. However, the cycle period will depend on the purpose of usage. We will discuss the cycle later in this article.

What Should You Expect from Ostarine?

The most noticeable effect is muscle growth. It prevents muscular dystrophy and muscle wasting as well. Here are the details of other effects of the Ostarine.

Lean Bulk

According to clinical study reports, when ostarine tasted on 120 healthy but senior people for a cycle of 12 weeks, they noticed an improvement in their overall fitness. They were taking low doses only 3 mg per day. But the impact was noticeable. But the builders gain up to 8lbs of hard and clean muscle with 25 mg per day by following the same 12 weeks cycle.

Permanent Result

The major benefit of the ostarine is that the result will be permanent. You might lose a little. However, the difference will not be significant and noticeable.

Boosts Bone Health

When you age, your body will start producing less testosterone and that will impact your bone health. Ostarine will boost your bone density and strength and it will minimize fracture risk.

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Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

Better Insulin Resistance

Ostarine can also be used as a safe alternative for anti-diabetic drugs. It is known for reducing the blood sugar level. Also, it will improve your insulin resistance.

Good Lipid Profile

Ostarine can reduce Triglycerides and LDL levels. But the downside is that it might reduce the HDL level that is considered beneficial to cholesterol.

Ostarine Cycle

The dosage of ostarine will vary significantly ranging from twenty-five mg to fifty mg per 24-36 hours depending on the purpose and age. The best dose will be 20 to 30 mg for a cycle of six weeks. You can extend the cycle when you notice positive changes. We will start noticing visible results within four weeks. If you find that it is effective, you can extend cycle up to 12-week. When the cycle is complete, you will have to wait for four weeks to start the next cycle.

Also, the dose or cycle will vary depending on the purpose. For example, if you are taking ostarine for bulking or gaining muscles, you can take 2-30 mg for around four to six weeks. Here PCT is not required. You can also consider a high dose of up to forty mg for a cycle of eight weeks if you weigh more than 210lbs. But yes, you will need PCT for this cycle.

For recomping, the suggested dose is ten to twelve mg for four to eight weeks. When you use it for cutting, then you can consider a dose of ten to twenty mg and the cycle needs to be between four and six weeks.

When Should You Take Ostarine?

Ostarine comes with a twenty-four hours life. You should only take ostarine once a day. You can decide the time depending on your convenience. You can take it every morning.


  • Boosts lean muscle growth and strength
  • Ensures fast recovery after workouts
  • Provides increased endurance and bone strength
  • Prevents muscle, bone, and joint issues
  • Decreases cholesterol level
  • No bloating and liver toxicity

Side Effects

Side effects are rare if you follow the regular dose and cycle. However, you can expect the following possible side effects.

  • Headache & lethargy
  • Suppression in testosterone production
  • Mild acne and nausea
  • Back pain

Ostarine is the most promising SARM, known for offering a number of benefits. The key benefit is that is fits to almost all types of bodybuilding programs. Be it a cutting cycle, recomping, or bulking cycle. It enables users to gain hard permanent muscles. In addition, it will contribute to improved energy, heart health, and overall fitness. In brief, it will improve the quality of your life. All you need to do is to follow the cycle and right dose regularly. Overdose and longer cycle might cause side effects. Also, make sure that you are buying ostarine from reliable and reputed sources.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

Cardarine : The complete review of this SARM


A brief overview of Cardarine

Cardarine, GW-501516 was developed by two pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1990. Initially, it was used for metabolic and heart conditions. Due to its metabolic benefits, it became one of the popular choices for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Most people believe that GW-501516 is a SARM. However, it is a PPAR receptor agonist.

Do you want to know more about cardarine and its benefits? Do you want more information on side effects? If yes, you can go through the following article. It will cover all the possible aspects.

What is Cardarine?

As stated earlier, Cardarine was created to reduce inflammation and improve cardiac health. Many animal-based studies have been conducted to prove the efficiency of Cardarine and most of them found it effective to cure many complications including muscle waste, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. However, it is always suggested to avoid high doses. Excessive higher doses in mice caused cancer growth. Clinical studies have not conducted on humans.

How Does It Work?

Cardarine can work in two ways. First, it works by binding to the PPAR-delta in the cells and second, it stimulates the genres accountable for energy use. By doing so, it can boost metabolism, build muscles, burn fat, improve heart health, and cholesterol levels. Cardarine is popular for offering improved physical performance, decreasing lipids in the blood, and reversing Type II diabetics. You might be thinking about how it helps with all these benefits. Here is scientific evidence.

Burns Fat

Cardarine will block the production of fatty acid chains and that will enable your body to use the existing fat deposits for energy. Also, cardarine does not cause muscle waste. That means you will lose fat without any muscle waste.

Muscle Recovery

As supported by studies, cardarine increases the oxygen usages of your muscles slow twitch fiber. As a result, you can expect improved performance and fast recovery. Also, you can consider low-intensity training for a long time to maximize the benefits. It will boost muscle hypertrophy and stabilize joints.


Cardarine binds to the PPAR agonist receptors and that can influence the energy output since it will turn the gene activity around.

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Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

What Can You Expect?

Energy & Stamina

Once you start taking cardarine, your stamina will be better than ever. You will start to push yourself beyond.

Weight Loss

Cardarine is considered best for weight loss. Though you will get rid of the fat deposits, still, it will not cause muscle waste. Also, it will increase glucose uptake and change the way your body reacts to the nutrients that will reduce fat.

Heart Health

Some study reports prove that low doses can increase HDL levels and reduce triglycerides. In addition, it minimizes the oxidative damages in your blood vessels and stops plaque formation.

Brain & Kidney

Cardarine will prevent inflammation and oxidative damage in your brain that you normally experience due to the aging and stress.

Increased Muscle Mass

Cardarine is known for increasing lean muscle fibers without causing water retention. The increased muscle fibers and hard muscle will boost your performance and will enable you to run faster.

Liver Health

It prevents insulin resistance in your liver and protects your liver from certain conditions like diabetes.


Cardarine is not a proper SARM. But you can use it like any other SARM. Take it for a cycle of six to eight weeks and take a break for four to six weeks. Also, the dosage and cycle will vary depending on the purpose of usage. Here are the details.

Cardarine can help you to achieve all your fitness goals. Whether you are planning for stacking or cutting, you can try this to meet your fitness goals. For stacking, you can use twenty to thirty mg every day. Follow the 12-week cycle. For bulking, you can take twenty mg per day and split into two dosages. It will help in lasting muscle gain and clean bulking. You can follow the same dose and cycle for cutting.

Cardarine is known for the PCT. PCT will prevent fat rebound once the cycle is over. Also, it prevents a drop in endurance and effectiveness when you complete the cycle.

When Should You Take Cardarine?

Cardarine comes with a half-life around twelve to twenty-four hours. So, you can split doses into two times instead of taking a high dose once. People prefer to take one dose in the morning and another in the evening. It will make your body stable. Ideally, the cycle should be six to eight weeks. But you can extend it depending on the purpose of usage. When you find it more effective, you can extend the cycle up to 12 weeks, but not more than this.


You will experience a number of benefits while taking cardarine. It can reverse Type II diabetes and improve your cholesterol levels. Cardarine is considered best for weight loss. Also, it will boost the glucose levels in your body and that will help to strip the fat. You will ultimately look leaner. It decreases VLDL proteins, triglycerides, and fatty acid as well. Here are some key benefits of cardarine.

  • Burns your fat and makes you look leaner and ripped
  • Prevents muscle waste and promotes muscle growth and enables you to achieve bigger fitness goals
  • It will reduce obesity and chronic inflammation. Also, it makes the weight loss fast and prevents the possibility of gaining it from your diet
  • You will get an immediate result. You can notice the difference within minutes
  • Enhances the oxygen utilization by your body and enables users to recover fast from muscle soreness and breathe more.

Side Effects

You will not experience any side effect if you follow the right dose and cycle. There is no reported side effect until now.

Does It Cause Cancer?

According to a clinical study done on mice, cardarine can cause cancer in the colon. However, the dose was 1000 times more than the recommended dose.

Cardarine has a profound positive effect on the human body. It can contribute to the overall growth including increased energy and stamina, muscle growth, brain, and kidney health. Take the right dose to prevent any adverse effect.

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RAD 140 ( Testolone): The Complete Review in 2019

rad 140

A brief overview of Rad 140

Rad 140’s generic name is testolone. It’s one of the most popular of the SARM category of drugs. It’s very first formulation was way back in 2010 by Radius Health, a pharmaceutical company. 

Most of the clinical trials for this drug indicate that it has the capabilities to increase muscle mass, without affecting vital organs such as the prostate. Although it mimics the functions of steroids, it doesn’t present the severe side effects associated with steroids such as high blood pressure and prostate. 

Initial findings suggest that it’s a superior type of SARM, and known for its neuroprotective actions. As such, it can work as an effective therapy for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and any other neurodegenerative diseases.

How Rad 140 Works

The drug is typically a SARM which works by binding to androgen receptors. These receptors are found in different parts of the body, including the muscles, and bones. The chemistry behind its formulation is that as people age, there is an evident decline in androgens such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and androstenedione which the body naturally produces. These androgens have a significant effect on the muscles, the liver, and bone development and function.

Rad140 is a type of SARM that produces similar effects to the natural androgens. The drug then works by targeting those areas which have only androgen receptors, and then improves, or heals these areas. Because of its efficacy, it’s a popular drug of choice for people who want to boost their testosterone levels or build muscle strength. 

The drug is also for individuals who want to improve both physical and sexual performance. Before the discovery of SARMs like RAD 140, testosterone and steroids were widely used for bodybuilding, but which were also associated with adverse side effects. Now, Rad 140 can work similarly but comes with minimal side effects. The reason is that it doesn’t interfere with the liver and prostate.

Some of the Potential Uses for Rad 140 

Rad 140 can be used as drug therapy under the following circumstances:

1. The Building Of Muscle Mass: According to initial clinical trials done of primates, the drug can quickly increase muscle mass by 10% or more within the first 28 days of administration. Other studies indicate that there are potential for growth of between 6-8 lbs. of very lean and dry muscle mass within the first six months of just two Rad 140 cycles.

2. Neuroprotection: Top on the list of problems that aging men and women face is cognitive degeneration. Sometimes it’s accompanied by memory loss. Rad140’s androgens target tissues in the brain.

It is believed that the androgens protect the brain by increasing brain cell growth, which improves memory and also decreases the accumulation of amyloid beta. According to scientific research, amyloid beta protein is the leading cause of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Endurance: Rad 140 comes with incredible capabilities not only of building muscle strength but also of producing large amounts of energy. This then leads to physical endurance and improved physical performance.

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Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

Benefits of Rad 140

  • The drug features the following advantages
  • The building of lean and strong muscles. 
  • Increase in energy levels for endurance and better physical performance. 
  • The more muscle generation, the more fats are lost, leading to weight loss, and optimum health.
    Minimum side effects if you compare with steroids.
  • Protects the brains cells, and from severe diseases like dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Side Effects of Rad 140

Rad 140, being in the SARM category, is believed to be safe. However, the fact that it’s also still a new invention means that the magnitude of its side effects can be fully explained. A few of them are as follows:

  • Aggression as a result of an increase in levels of testosterone.
  • Mood swings and anxiety.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Breast tenderness, and sometimes breast tissue growth in men.
  • Women may experience abnormal hair growth.
  • Difficulties in sleeping as well as a feeling of lethargy.

Dosage and Cycle

As is typical with most SARMS, it can be difficult establishing the exact dosage of Rad 140. Irrespective of this fact, it’s advisable to start on the lower side of the dosage. For example, men can take 10mg per day, and women 5mg per day. You can then gradually increase depending on your body mass, but also based on your overall goals.

The drug comes with a 36-hour half-life, which then allows you to take as a single dose. Alternatively, you can take as 24-hour divided doses; it all depends on your needs and schedules.
The ideal Rad 140 cycle is 8-12 weeks. The off cycles, on the other hand, can vary, and while some recommend them to last as long as the cycle length, others differ, suggesting that at least a 6- week off-cycle works better.

Other suggestions are that the more you stick to low doses, the more you can go for as long as 12 weeks without experiencing any suppression. While, if you are administering higher does such as 20-30 mg a day it’s recommended that you shorten the cycle to 10 weeks, because it’s at such a time that suppressions can completely overwhelm you.

Depending on your bloodwork, and how severely you are feeling the suppression, you might know whether or not to go into full-fledged PTC (Post cycle therapy). The truth is that most experienced Rad 140 users usually recommend a PCT after each cycle.


Rad 140 remains one of the most popular and effective SARM for muscle growth and strength. The amount of androgen it offers mimics testosterone and helps to address a wide range of medical problems.

The fact that it helps with issues such as neuroprotection goes a long way in preventing much-feared diseases like Alzheimer’s. Other than that, testosterone levels are good for endurance and physical performance. The same can also be associated with stamina and an improvement in libido.

Despite that fact that Rad 140 is so good and effective, it cannot escape some of the side effects. Issues like aggression, mood swings, and nausea are common side effects that most users experience.

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Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

The Complete Review on YK11: Pro’s & Con’s 2019


All about yk11 Compound

A lot has been said about the ability of YK11 in helping bodybuilders realize their ultimate mental and physical potential. More exciting news about this is what users claim YK11 doesn’t come along with any side effects after usage. YK11 looks just like a regular SARM at the face value but if you keenly inspect it, you will get to know that is not such an ordinary compound as you may think. Herein you will learn more about the mechanism of action of this compound to its possible side effects and other potential risks. 

Is YK11 a SARM?

The users of this compound most of them refer to it as a SARM due to lack of an appropriate word to give a clear description of it. But if you carry out research about it, you will find it quite different. To others, they consider it a myostatin inhibitor, but then; it is still not such fully clear whether the compound is such a selective androgen modulator receptor. From the research that has so far been conducted, it has been seen to have a discriminating effect to the androgen receptors, however, the SARMS works through the androgen receptors directly without having to exhibit any given selective qualities.

How it works

YK11 compound has the same chemical structure to that of DHT and this is clearly shown by the means it binds itself to the androgen receptors. Our bodies normally produce DHT in a natural way to help it promote hair growth, prostate health, and proper development during the puberty stage. Classifying YK11 compound as a SARM will place it to be the most potent and strongest one that you will find in the market. This is simply because it has the capability to do the activation of androgen receptors partially; this will thereafter cause a catabolic androgenic activity to go even through the roof. To add to this, it is known to be a myostatin inhibitor by other people. 

Different cell studies have been conducted to determine how the compound works to enhance muscle growth, from the results that were issued by the researchers; the compound just aims at increasing the levels of follistatin. This is another protein that occurs naturally in our bodies that are in place to keep myostatin on a check. But then, what is myostatin? This is simply a hormone that works to curtail unbridled growth of muscle. We can say that to this far it’s this compound that has the ability to inhibit myostatin protein. Other researches show that this compound has the ability to promote the growth of bones simply by interfering with a gateway that works in a similar manner like DHT.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

The benefits of YK11

  • Helps to increase the size of our muscles

This compound has the ability to enhance muscle growth even though it’s not a SARM; it is actually as strong as S23. This is due to its ability to increase follistatin levels that it will enhance the growth of body muscle cells. The work of follistatin is also to suppress myostatin thereby opening an individual to limitless possibilities of muscle growth. However, myostatin inhibition may not happen at all in case follistatin effects become inhibited in any given way and thus rendering the compound ineffective.

To make it clear, there are yet no studies have been conducted to back this compound data. All that is out is just anecdotal evidence that is based on reviews in online forums by those who have used it. Users have stated a significant fat reduction experience after use and about 15 lbs gains of lean muscles in a short period.

  • Helps to strengthen our bones

The sex hormones are the essentials to maintain our bones healthy and strong. Evidence from conducted studies shows that this compound has the capability of increasing the strength of the bones simply by binding itself to the androgen receptors in the body and this is a similar thing that almost all existing SARMs do.

YK11 compound has also the capability of increasing activated PKB amounts that are present in the cells of the body that will, in turn, facilitate the growth and development of the bone cells. On our topic, we should not forget that we normally aim at attaining healthy and strong muscles and bones to reduce chances of attaining fractures. YK11 in this regard may also be able to help since it is more effective at supporting bone health, building muscles and also in mitigating bone fragility effects.

YK11 dosage

For those who have tried it, they say that a dosage of between 10 to around 15 mg every day is the best dosage to work finely. There are other users who have reported that 5 mg in a day provides out positive results. But then, whichever the dosage is taken, there has since never heard on any possible side effects towards the taken dosages. There are other users who cycle for between 4-8 weeks and others even stack at different SARMs altogether. But then, it is mostly split into two different dosages per day by most users simply to stabilize the drug and minimize its half-life. To achieve better results out of it, it is recommended to stack with other SARMs in the market as you lower its dosage to at around 5 mg per day.

The side effects of YK11

To the far we are at, only cellular studies have been conducted on this drug. There is not yet any clinical evidence or even animal studies that have been conducted to back all the claims that have been stated about YK11. So this should be a guide to you that you should think again and again about YK11 before using it. It has been reported that the compound can be toxic to our livers. Speaking hypothetically on this drug, it may affect the growth of hair, bring about prostate health, vocal cord and also beneficial to other important body organs.


This is among the strongest and powerful compound in the market currently. You should learn more about it before you can think of trying it out.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.