The 3 Best SARMS On the Market in 2019

best sarms on the market

What are the Best SARMS On the Market

The hype around SARMs is real! Since they hit the bodybuilding scene, these substances have taken the industry by storm. In full, SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It is this selective action that has made these chemicals quite the staple they are in the bodybuilding community today.

Let’s back it up a little. Selective action means that instead of the chemical affecting all the cells in the body, it targets specific groups of cells. In this case, SARMs selectively bind to the androgen receptors in the bone and muscle tissue alone. If you didn’t know, Androgens play a crucial role in building muscle.

That doesn’t quite explain what the hype is all about, does it? Well, here it goes. As you may know, alternative bodybuilding compounds such as anabolic steroids and prohormones are notorious for causing nasty side effects such as gynecomastia and acne, among others. However, with SARMs, you do not have to be concerned about any of these side effects.

Similar to their predecessors, these cutting edge performance enhancers vary in application, potency, and effectiveness. As a result, some of them have become fan favorites in the industry.

The following is a detailed summary of the top three Best SARMs on the market.


Ligandrol is undoubtedly one of the most popular SARMs on the market today. It is known by various names, including LGD-4033 and Anabolicum. Ligandrol was first introduced by Ligand Pharma, one of the pioneering SARM research companies. However, Viking Therapeutics is currently in charge of researching this compound.

Experienced SARMs users have nicknamed it Anabolicum because of its high similarity to exogenous testosterone in its activity.

Initially, this product was intended to help repair worn out muscles caused by neuromuscular ailments or dystrophy. It would also help combat bone loss through diseases such as osteoporosis.

Most users consider Ligandrol as one of the most effective SARMs for bulking. This SARM is said to enhance nitrogen retention, boost protein synthesis and may also increase the production of RBC, which is the perfect environment for the body to grow rapidly.

Ligandrol Benefits

If the comparisons with exogenous testosterone didn’t give you the gist of things, these are some of the reasons why Ligandrol is such a fan favorite.

  • Promotes the growth of muscle mass
  • Causes dry and hard muscle gains (no bloating or water retention)
  • Leads to an increase in strength
  • Boosts endurance
  • Improves bone density
  • Promotes fat loss indirectly; more muscle translates to a higher metabolism, which increases the fat-burning rate
  • Increases muscle pumps and vascularity

How to Use Ligandrol

SARMs specialists recommend that you take between five and ten milligrams of Ligandrol per day for an eight to twelve-week cycle.

This SARM has a half-life of 24-36 hours. Therefore, you can take your daily dose all at once, without the need to split it up.

First time users and women are encouraged to start with small dosages and increase the dosage as they advance.

The first two weeks are enough for you to start observing some changes. If you aren’t impressed with the rate of results by week three, you may increase the dosage with one milligram per week until you reach your desired results, without exceeding the 10 mg threshold.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

Ligandrol Side Effects

Yes. Ligandrol does contain some side effects. However, they are only mild ones without a long-term impact on your overall health. Some of the most common issues include headaches and fatigue, especially at the beginning of the cycle.

At higher doses, unwanted hair growth and water retention may occur.

Overall, it is well tolerated. It does not aromatize, nor does it cause any androgenic side effects such as gynecomastia. It doesn’t affect your liver either.

With that said, LGD-4033 is a highly potent androgen modulator, and it will suppress your body’s natural testosterone production. While the suppression extent is dose-dependent, there will be mild suppression even at minimal doses.


GTX Laboratories is the name of the company behind the research and development of Andarine. GTX was researching a compound with the potential to treat degenerative muscle and bone diseases such as muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis and benign enlargement of the prostate. Andarine demonstrated positive effects on muscle mass, bone density, and strength. Consequently, the bodybuilding community caught on to the SARM, and have been using it ever since to boost their performance and results.

Andarine is a multi-purpose SARM and is useful for bulking, cutting, recomposition, strength, or even general wellness.

Bodybuilding veterans often compare the effects of Andarine to those of Winstrol, one of the most potent anabolic androgenic substances.

Overall, Andarine is said to be the SARM of choice if you are aiming to get that competition-ready physique.

While the action of Andarine is directly comparable to that of testosterone, its anabolic potential can only be compared to DH, which is more potent, although without the side effects.

Andarine Benefits

As you may have gathered, Andarine will not make you look like an overgrown gorilla. However, it can get you that magazine cover body if it is what you’re aiming for. Some of the benefit of stacking Andarine include:

  • Promotes the burning of fat and contributes to a trimmer waistline
  • Improves bone density
  • Adds to a shredded and ripped physique
  • Enhances strength (you’ll be setting new PB’s every other day)
  • Supports the growth of lean muscle mass

How to Use Andarine

Studies on SARMs indicate that Andarine probably has the shortest half-life of three to four hours. This means that you should split your daily dosage at least thrice.

Veteran SARM researchers advice against exceeding 50 mg of Andarine daily; this will help prevent nasty side effects. However, this SARM is highly potent and shines even at 25 mg. The recommended cycle time should be at least six weeks, and shouldn’t exceed 16 weeks.

What’s more, you should use Andarine for five days a week, and take a 2-day break to limit side effects.

Andarine Side Effects

Regular Andarine use will attract some side effects, although none of them are permanent. For starters, it will cause a mild testosterone suppression, which will necessitate PCT to return it to normal.

What’s more, using Andarine is linked to depression.

Most Andarine users report vision changes as the most common undesirable effect caused by the SARM. S-4 attaches itself to the androgen receptors in the eyes, causing vision changes, difficulty distinguishing color, and trouble adjusting to lighting.


This SARM also goes by the name MK-2866, GTx-024 or Enobosarm. The SARM is being researched by GTX Laboratories for its therapeutic potential to prevent muscle wasting conditions caused by degenerative illnesses such as cancer, hypogonadism, and osteoporosis.

You will love to know that Ostarine is the most researched SARM to date.

Research shows that Ostarine can promote the development of muscle and prevent loss of muscle mass during fat loss. This is a tremendous advantage, and experienced fitness enthusiasts will tell you how difficult it is to retain muscle during a cut.

What’s more, the majority of the users claim that Ostarine is one of the milder SARMs, meaning that you don’t have to be worried about nasty side effects.

Ostarine Benefits

The popularity of this SARM hinges on various factors, including its usefulness in multiple bodybuilding objectives. MK-2866 can be used for cutting fat, gaining muscle, or even recomping.

You should expect the following when experimenting with Ostarine.

  • Promotes healing and recovery of muscle and joints
  • Leads to incredible muscle pumps and overall vascularity
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Prevents muscle loss during cutting
  • Boosts development of lean muscle mass
  • Increases strength during bulking

How to Use Ostarine

Mk-2866 has an estimated half-life of 24 hours, which is long, by SARM standards. Therefore, it is unnecessary to split your daily dose.

Professionals recommend that men take 15-25 mg of Ostarine for an eight to twelve-week cutting cycle. When it comes to the women, 5-10 mg for a six to eight-week period should do the trick.

Ostarine should be taken about 30 to 40 minutes before workouts, and after meals.

Ostarine Side Effects

Two side effects are commonly associated with using Ostarine; that is back pain and headaches, especially during the first days of use.

However, in high doses, Ostarine may cause a temporary suppression in natural testosterone production.

Ostarine may cause one’s nipples to swell, due to an increase in estradiol levels. However, this only happens to a few users who may be sensitive to estrogen.

After using Ostarine, you should allow your body to recover from the SARM’s effects. As a result, you should follow a regular PCT protocol after your cycle. What’s more, you should never extend your cycle beyond 12 weeks.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.


Which SARM do you use? Was it featured on the top three list? If you’ve noticed one thing across the board is that Ostarine, Andarine, and Ligandrol are highly diverse. While they all have their strengths, you can use either for multipurpose objectives, be it bulking, cutting, or recomping.

What’s more, apart from Andarine’s impact on vision, these SARMs are associated with mild side effects (nothing a little PCT can’t handle).

Parting shot; Always ensure that you purchase your SARMs from a legitimate dealer to avoid disappointments and nasty side effects.


The 3 Best SARMS for Weight Loss to try in 2019

best sarms for weight loss

What are the 3 Best SARMS for Weight Loss

There are a lot of claims regarding the health benefits of different SARMS. To understand the role of SARMS, you have to know the functions of testosterone in the body. Among the tasks of testosterone is the muscle growth that is appreciated by bodybuilders. Testosterone binds to an androgenic receptor to penetrate the cells of the human body. These receptors are tied to every cell in the body, which is where the problem with testosterone comes in since in addition to making you more muscle it will make you more aggressive by binding to the receptors in the brain. 

SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) are designed to only bind to muscles and facilitate muscle growth. You may be wondering about the side effects and legality of SARMS for weight loss. I will detail the three best SARMS for weight loss and all the important facts about them:


Ligandrol is among the most noted SARM for weight loss. It was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in a quest to prevent people from shedding all their muscle mass in the course of trying to lose several pounds. Ligandrol has also projected the most promise in studies. It works by helping the user burn maximum calories when working out. Another benefit of Ligandrol is that it has been proved to be safe for use, which is a major concern when using SARMs. 
Ligandrol functions like steroids, except for the frightful side effects, including bloating and water retention. 


Ligandrol has an anabolic impact on the human body, and it majorly focuses on androgen receptors. It targets and binds onto bones and muscles, therefore protecting them from harm. Ligandrol enhances muscle development and boosts the overall strength of a person. It can further increase muscle density and allow the user to support more muscles. 


Some clinical trials involving Ligandrol has proved successful with low doses. In one using 1mg/ a day on young and healthy males, there was an increase lean body mass at an average 1.21 kg. There are opposing suggestions when it comes to the use of Ligandrol, and some users prefer to stack with supplementing products for better and faster results rather than using it alone. Some athletes even use 20 mg of Ligandrol per day and report excellent results. Timing is not essential, and it does not matter if you ingest in an empty or full stomach. 

Ligandrol is perfect for stacking with other supplements. It is not as effective as other kinds of SARMs for weight loss. You can, however, include it in a triple stack with Ostarine and Cardarine to create a super-effective fat loss stack. If you are more interested in bulking, you can make a stack with Nutrobal (MK-677). To further enhance the attributes of Ligandrol, it is advisable to stack it with another SARM. 

Side Effects

Most SARMs have minor side effects that might influence your choice to use them. The most common side effects with Ligandrol are headaches and hair growth. Some users have reported fatigue when they began using it. The fatigue will disappear as Ligandrol will boost your energy over time. 

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.


Cardarine, like Ligandrol, can facilitate weight loss and boost endurance levels but is a bit different from the aforementioned SARM. 
Cardarine was developed in the 1990s, and it has been linked to various health benefits since then. Among the most celebrated of Cardarine’s advantages is the reduction of LDL cholesterol while at the same time, increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is, therefore, not a concern when using Cardarine. 

-How Does Cardarine work? 

Cardarine binds onto PPAR receptors, meaning that is it not technically a SARM. It is however regarded as a SARM, mainly because its benefits are characteristic to those of a SARM. Cardarine stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids and muscle glucose uptake. Cardarine will facilitate weight loss while not interfering with your endurance or reducing your energy levels. 

-Dosage and Stacking

The sweet spot with Cardarine is between 10 and 20mg a day. A lower dose will work for amateurs and bodybuilders only interested in losing fat. Athletes can ingest 20mg before a workout. The recommended cycle is about 12 weeks, which is a bit longer than other SARM cycles. 

You can stack SARM with Andarine or Testolone. When using it alone, consume it once a day, preferably several hours before exercise. The more perseverance, energy, and stamina will make your training sessions more fruitful. Fat loss can be expected in a month or so, while the improved strength will be noticeable in two weeks. 

Side Effects

Cardarine was for a while linked to cancer, rumors which were refuted by the American Association of Cancer Research in 2004. Cardarine has no impact on cell growth, so it cannot cause cancer. Cardarine is also safe to use for weight loss. 


Stenabolic functions quite similarly to Cardarine. A user will lose weight but maintain their muscle mass and definition. It further facilitates a healthy metabolic rate in those interested in shedding a few pounds as well as fitness enthusiasts. It also increases the mitochondria in muscle cells. Stenabolic will infuse your body with an incredible amount of energy, which you will need in the gym. 

How Does Stenabolic Work? 

Stenabolic binds onto a protein called Rev-erb. This protein has a significant impact on the glucose amounts in our bodies and on the way we shed weight. The binding of these two elements can stop ingested calories from being converted to fat cells. The surge of energy that you will get when working out will be incredible.

Dosage and Stacking

Stenabolic has a short half-life, and you may have to use it several times in a day. The recommended dosage of Stenabolic is 20 mg a day on two different occasions. You can use 10 mg in the morning and a similar amount in the evening. Some people consume 30 mg of the compound in 4-hour intervals. You can stack Stenabolic with other SARMs, but it is most effective when used with Cardarine. 

Side Effects

Stenabolic is non-estrogenic, non-androgenic, and non-hormonal. It has no negative impact on the liver, although some users suggest using it with liver supplements. 

Final Thoughts

SARMS are associated with many benefits, including weight loss. Moreover, their side effects are not as grave as those of steroids and are minimal in most cases. Research on the SARM you want to use and be ready for the increased energy levels. 

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

The 3 Best Sarms For Cutting To Try in 2019

3 best sarms for cutting

Whether it is about boosting confidence or reducing the chances of developing any diseases, a wide array of people look forward to opting for different means with an eye to shedding off those extra kilos. Few people prefer to intake steroids, but they have their own set of side effects.

It goes without saying that you will have to pay a price to get the perfect body. The SARMs contribute to being an exception to the rule as they let you reduce weight without bringing a reduction in the number of muscles.

Different studies have revealed the fact that these products stand second to none in terms of safety and weight loss. If you are seeking for the perfect option to get the perfect figure and reduce the weight, you can take a look at the 3 best sarms for cutting.


Also referred to as LGD-4033, it is regarded as the perfect option to lose weight. Developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, it is considered to be an ideal option to lose muscle mass and shed those extra kilos. People prefer to choose this specific SARM as they bestow promising results. The ultimate objective of this SARM is that it is useful to the user in burning a lot of calories during the workout.

People prefer to use LGD-4033 on an extensive scale due to the fact that they are safer to use. The best thing about this SARM is that it functions as a steroid without showcasing any sort of harsh side effects. Thus, you can be ensured that it is not going to wreak havoc in your body.

You are not going to find any water retention or bloating as you intake it. It is considered to be a perfect option to reduce weight in a significant manner without encountering any sort of muscle wastage.

This SARM is known to have an anabolic impact on the body. It basically focuses on androgen receptors. After targeting them, they bind on the same, renders protection to the bones and muscles. This SARM is effective in enhancing the development of muscles as well as the overall strength of an individual. It is also beneficial in improving the muscle density. Few of the side effects of this SARM are inclusive of headache and hair growth.

It also bestows protection to the muscles. It is useful in enhancing the strength and prevent any sort of injuries. Ligandrol is regarded as an oral supplement, having the half-life of almost twenty-four hours. Hence, if you are a person who tends to avoid needles, are sure to love it. You need to intake ligandrol in the dosage of 3-5 mg daily for the time session of eight weeks to reduce weight effectively.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.


Though it has similarity to Ligandrol, it stands second to none in enhancing the endurance level of an individual. It has become the prime choice of a wide array of people for reducing the weight. It was developed in the year of 1990. It plays a vital role in contributing to the overall health of an individual.

One of the prime benefits of Cardarine is that it is useful in the reduction of bad cholesterol or LDL. It also enhances the level of HDL cholesterol in the body. It prevents the occurrence of any sort of metabolic disorders. It is also useful in reversing the pre-diabetic disorders and ensures proper health.

GW-501516 is known to bind on to the PRAR receptors of the body. It offers stimulation to the body for the activation of AMPK. Thus, it has the ability for enhancing the oxidation and stimulation of the fatty acids of uptake of muscle glucose. Previously, it was suspected that it has cancer-promoting elements. However, studies reveal that such rumors are false.

The recommended level for this SARM is 20 mg daily for the time session of eight weeks. However, it is recommended to start small first. The body will get adjusted to the advantages of this SARM. You can start small by splitting the intake of Cardarine into two dosages of 10 mg, please. Once you take the first dose, you need to wait for the time session of ten hours for intaking the next one.


Known popularly as SR9009, it is regarded as one of the best SARMs for losing weight. It is effective in losing weight in an effortless manner. It plays a vital role in the promotion of a healthier metabolic rate in fitness enthusiasts. Thus, it is considered to be an effective means for reducing those extra kilos. In accordance with studies, it can enhance the mitochondria in the muscle cells. You are sure to find a gain in energy as you intake this SARM. You can certainly burn the same at the gym.

This protein is known to have a significant impact on the level of glucose in the body. It enables the stenabolic in binding it and thus losing the extra fat is not going to be an issue anymore. Binding of both of them helps in stopping the conversion of calories into the fat cells. You are going to encounter a surge of energy at the time of working out at the gym as you intake the stenabolic on a regular basis.

There is no specific negative impact of Stanabolic, other than the fact that you need to intake it several times daily. It is known to have a shorter half-life. The recommended dosage of Stenabolic is almost 20mg and you need to encounter it into different occasions during day time.

Thus, you need to intake 10 mg of stenabolic during morning time whereas you need to take the rest of it in the evening. A bunch of people prefers to use up to 30 mg of stenabolic on a daily basis and they prefer to take it after the interval of every four hours.

The bottom line

In order to remove those stubborn fats from your body, you have to leave no stone unturned for combating them. The above mentioned 3 best sarms for cutting are regarded as the best option for shedding those stubborn fats. They let you become the slim person, you always wanted to be.

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

The 3 Best Sarms For Bulking To Try in 2019

best sarms for bulking

Which are the best sarms for bulking mass?

Selective Androgen receptor modulators or the SARMs are a unique class of androgen receptors that are designed to have the same impact as androgenic drugs but tend to be more selective in action. In several cases, SARMS are extensively used for bulking, thanks to their unique compounds. But with so many of them out there, what are the 3 best sarms for bulking? Let’s find out!


Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is one of the best supplements for cutting and bulking. It boosts your lean muscle mass and helps you perform tedious exercises. The best part: it’ll also help you lose that extra layer of fat. 

Ostarine was specifically created for combating muscle wasting issues. Owing to this reason alone, it has great abilities in building and strengthening your muscles. This statement is further backed by a clinical study. As a part of this study, a group of 120 individuals was given 3 mg of every day for 12 weeks. At the end of the trial, they gained almost 1.3kgs (individually) on an average. 

Besides this, the individuals also reportedly lost 0.3lbs of fatty mass after the research. So, Ostarine doesn’t merely help you with bulking but it also assists you in losing weight. 

In addition to building our lean muscles, this product also plays a major role in boosting bone health. With time, it is only likely to experience issues with bone health. This usually happens when the bone-protective sex hormones deteriorate from our systems.

The result? Osteoporosis and a host of other bone ailments. Luckily, Ostarine is one of the best ways to fight these issues. This product protects the bones in the best possible manner and at the same time, improves the mineralization of your bones while also boosting your muscle mass. 

The latter factor here is especially important as muscle mass goes a long way in boosting your skeletal unit and enhancing your overall bone strength.

When taken in the right dose, Ostarine also boosts your cardiovascular abilities and insulin resistance. This results in holistic fitness and wellbeing.

If you are looking to bulk up, try taking around 1mg to 2 mg of Ostarine for 12 weeks. Once you do this, your lean muscle mass is likely to improve by 3 lbs. Since this is the mass you can improve without exercising, you can always add exercising and a proper diet for maximum results from Ostarine.

Once you’re comfortable with the dosage, you can also increase it to 10 mg. That said, it is important to consult your doctor before deciding a dosage. 

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

2. Ligandrol

If you’re looking to boost your heart health, endurance and lifting abilities- Ligandrol is one of the best SARMs to opt for. Widely popular as LGD-4033, this product has a vital role in boosting your muscle mass and keeping you consistently fit. The best part: despite offering you the benefits of a steroid, Ligandrol doesn’t come with any side effects. 

The benefits of ligandrol have been proved by multiple clinical trials. During the first trial, participants were offered 1.0 mg of the product for weeks. By the end of the trial period, they successfully gained up to 2.66 g of lean muscle mass. You can achieve the best results from this SARM when you take a dosage of 8 to 10 mg for 6 weeks. 

One of the biggest highlights of this SARM lies in its strength building properties. According to most users, it can build your strength and boost muscles within just three weeks. But how does it do it? Well, Ligandrol naturally builds your lean muscles by handling the breakdown of muscles instead of tampering with the use of fat cells. Since muscle tissues are more difficult to maintain when compared to fat, your body naturally starts burning fat to function optimally. This results in stronger lean muscles and more fat burns. 

In addition to helping you build muscles and lose fat, Ligandrol also leaves you with plenty of energy during the day. Unlike other drugs that cause you to experience ups and downs, this SARM will leave you consistently active and fit. At the end of the day, you will pump in harder and fuller muscles with more veins when you start taking this product.

3. Yk11

Yk11 is yet another supplement that ensures fast muscle gains without the excruciating impact of side effects. Safe and natural, this product bulks you up, strengthens your body and boosts your endurance level. When you have this at a proper dosage, you end up performing better at the gym. 

A biological study was conducted to assess the effects and impact of Yk11. As per this study, this product boosts your muscle mass by pumping the growth of follistatin. This myostatin inhibitor further acts as a muscle-building protein, helping you bulk up the way you wanted. 

Another similar study has revealed that this SARM can stimulate bone-building muscle proteins that enhance your bone health. Athletes who have used this product have agreed to its ability to enhance the fat loss mechanism and muscle gain mechanism at the same time. The best part: there are no relevant side effects. 

Our body requires proper sex hormones to maintain solid, and strong bones. According to studies, Yk11 enhances bone strength by teaming up with androgen receptors. They usually work the same way as other SARMs. Additionally, YK11 also goes a long way in boosting the level of activated PKB in your system. This will eventually facilitate the growth of your bone cells. 

The dosage of Yk11 varies from individual to individual depending on their fitness goals and body types. According to most athletes, around 10 to 15 mg of this product has worked well for them. Alternatively, others reportedly witnessed benefits with 5 mg. 

To make the most from this product, it is suggested that you stack it with proper diet and exercise. Additionally, also consult your doctor if you have any queries about the dosage. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how these SARMs for bulking work, explore the available options and choose one that works perfectly according to your requirements. 

If you want to buy SARMS make sure you buy them from

trustworthy high-quality suppliers such as Proven Peptides or other vendors.

Make sure the SARMS you buy are 3rd party tested with certified results.

What are the 3 Best Sarms Suppliers in the USA

best sarms suppliers

Are you an ardent bodybuilder and have been hearing the term SARMs being thrown around in fitness forums a lot lately? Or maybe, you’re simply looking to bulk up and build upon your muscle strength and a friend recommended that you try them. Well, we’re here to guide you on where you can find the best quality SARMs in the USA, but first, you must be asking yourself, What exactly are SARMs and how do they work?’

Why you should Only Purchase from Credible SARMs Suppliers

However, it’s crucial to acquire your SARMs from credible suppliers of such protein-based fitness products. This will ensure that you avoid ending up with poor quality products that might cause you bodily harm down the line, or fail to accord you the benefits that they claim to stimulate within the body. Let’s take a look- below- at which brands are some of the top SARMs suppliers in the USA; that you can rely on for quality and safe bodybuilding drugs.

  1. Proven Peptides

This Florida-based brand is arguably the domestic market leader in terms of pure and quality SARMs. The brand is committed to ensuring that their customers are accorded safe products with minimal side effects, hence all their SARMs are lab-tested for desired purity levels prior to being approved for sale. The lab-testing process is contracted to third-party companies to avoid any conflicts of interests, further attesting to their credibility.

The tests are also crucial in informing the brand’s decision-making as pertains dosing requirements; an aspect that has advantageously positioned Proven Peptides as a supplier of high-quality SARMs that bring positive results in a relatively short period of time. What’s more, the mandatory testing facilitates consistent dosing– which means that the dosage cycle duration stays the same each time you buy your preferred Proven Peptides product.
Another factor that places Proven Peptides high on this credibility is the brand’s transparency. The brand posts all results of their lab purity tests on their site- ensuring customers can browse through the product ingredient percentages and be aware of what they’ll be consuming prior to purchasing their preferred SARM products. They also have an active Facebook community whereby you can read about other users’ experiences while using their products before you make a purchase decision. Still not convinced about Proven Peptides’ credibility?

Check this out- they have a full money-back guarantee should a customer feel that the product did not work as per their expectations. What’s more- unlike other SARM producers that double in the sale of other types of protein-based peptides- Proven Peptides sole specialization is the supply of SARMs; which means that the brand fully invests its resources in improving the quality and safety of their SARM products. Additional perks like free domestic shipping for purchases above 75 dollars only serve to further validate this brand’s claim to the top SARM supplier spot.

2. Umbrella Labs

Despite also being based in the USA, Umbrella Labs enjoys a global market reach. Catering to a global market has forced the company to refine its delivery processes over time, and currently, boast pretty decent delivery timelines- even for overseas clients. In addition, their SARMs are sold in liquid form, a popular alternative to powder-based SARMs.

Apart from being a reliable option in terms of speed of service, Umbrella Labs also makes it to this list due to their credibility as a SARM supplier. Just like Proven Peptides- the brand also lab tests their products to ensure they only sell research-grade products. Some of the brand’s top-selling SARM product lines that are available on their website include:

  • LGD 4033 Ligandrol
  • GW 501516 Cardarine
  • MK 2866 Ostarine
  • YK 11

3. Elite SARMs USA

This supplier merits the final spot on this list due to their affordability and international market reach. The low prices don’t mean that Elite SARMs are slacking in terms of product quality either, guaranteeing a 99% purity level on all of their SARMs. Additionally- on the brand’s website- they also guarantee that their non-toxic research products are the most effective in facilitating muscle hypertrophy and connective tissue development. The brand’s credibility and trustworthiness are also high, as they avail lots of product information on their site for prospective buyers to keenly review the product ingredients before making a purchase. Elite SARMs boast minimal negative side effects and do not only facilitate bulking but also cutting weight/ burning fat. Some of the popular product lines available for sale on their online platform include:

  • Elite SARMs- Ultimate Physique Stack
  • Elite SARMs- Ultimate Growth Stack
  • Elite SARMs- Total Body Stack

Benefits of Buying Quality SARMs from these Top Suppliers

By buying from the aforementioned credible suppliers, you’ll get to enjoy all the positive benefits of SARMs, while keeping the negative side effects like bloating and suppressed testosterone production at a minimum. These benefits include:

  • Improved rate of muscle growth
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased rates of fat loss
  • Faster muscle recovery


In need of bodybuilding supplement alternatives that- unlike regular steroids- won’t trigger undesirable side effects like suppressed testosterone production? Time to try out SARMs products from any of the above mentioned US-based suppliers. While dosage cycles may vary from product to product, the research-based approach of these credible brands will ensure that you get to enjoy the benefits of these therapeutic drugs within record time, while also avoiding any adverse risks to your personal health and well-being.