SR9011 Review: Benefits & Side Effects of this SARM


A short intro to SR9011

The term exercise in a bottle may sound a little exaggerated. But what if this feat could be achieved?  With the advent of modern science, the things that seem impossible to accomplish are only the ones that haven’t been undertaken. 

Allow me to digress a little.


If you’re exercising hard, the chances are that you’re probably aiming for lower body fat and increased endurance. Furthermore, you may also have considered the possibility of adding a fitness supplement to your training regimen. 

However, there is such an overwhelming number of options on the market that finding the best one to help you with your goals may seem confusing. Again there are too many alternatives and not enough money to try them all.

Here is the good news. Your choice can be narrowed down. SR9011 is a cutting edge performance enhancer that is touted to enhance endurance and fat loss regardless of whether you exercise or not. Sounds like a magic pill? Maybe it is. You’ll find out pretty soon.

What is SR9011?

SR9011, also known as Hyper Lean 2.0, is commonly mistaken for a SARM. On the contrary, it belongs to a category of drugs known as a Rev-ErbA agonist.

Rev-a-what? You may be wondering. Well, a Rev-ErbA is a Protein that is mostly found in the skeletal muscle, brain, liver, and adipose tissue. It functions to regulate the circadian rhythm, modulate glucose and lipid metabolism, and to regulate the inflammatory response.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute led by professor Thomas Burris discovered SR9011. The researchers aimed to develop a drug that can bind to the Rev-ErbA protein and attune the biological clock. Well, any substance that has an impact on the Rev-ErbA protein can affect the way an individual builds muscles and how they develop in terms of strength and endurance.

During the lab trials, animal test subjects demonstrated an increase in endurance and a reduction in obesity. Mice treated with SR9011 experienced a 50% increase in running capacity quantified using both time and distance.

According to the professor, the mice got muscles that resembled those of an athlete who had been training. Not only that, but they developed muscles similar to those of a seasoned athlete within a short period. 

How Does SR9011 Work?

Given its role as a Rev-ErbA agonist, SR9011 can enhance the functions of Rev-ErbA proteins, which serves various purposes within the body, including energy expenditure. This protein also regulates metabolism of lipids in the liver, controls glucose levels, stores fat cells, and eliminates weak and dead cells during inflammation.

Our bodies function by following a 24-hour cycle known as a circadian rhythm. This pattern is maintained using a loop mechanism which turns your genes on and off. For instance, when BMAL1 and CLOCK genes are switched on, this turns on PER and CRY. Subsequently, BMAL1 and CLOCK are turned off, and the process resets.

Primarily, Rev-ErbA proteins function to stabilize this internal clock by turning off BMAL1. In turn, these proteins are activated by a group of compounds belonging to the same category with Red blood cells.

As you may have guessed, incorporating SR9011 into the equation enhances how the Rev-ErbA protein functions.

When tested on animals, SR9011 had the following effects:

  • Led to increased oxygen consumption
  • Contributed to a reduction in the production of new fat cells in the liver
  • Reduced the production of bile acids and cholesterol in the liver
  • Caused an increase in the number of mitochondria
  • Increased the uptake of fatty acids and glucose in the muscles
  • Decreased fat storage in the adipose tissue

Here’s a FACT. A lot more goes into building lean muscle than the mere act of lifting weights. Sleep, recovery, strength, and endurance are at the core of anabolism.

  • If you do not have strength, energy, and endurance, you will not lift as much or as hard as you’d want to.
  • If you are deprived of sleep, then your natural production of testosterone and growth hormones will plummet.
  • If your body lacks the resources to make a full recovery from physical stress, then you will end up with sore muscles, or torn ligaments at worst.

SR9011 can prime your form, keep you driven (at least for up to 12 hours due to its short half-life) and help you sleep like a log. As a result, you will be more than capable of handling even the most intense workout.

More importantly, this drug can improve your cardiac health and burn fat even when you are resting, eventually helping you to get chiseled, rock hard abs, and clearly defined muscles.

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What are the Benefits of SR9011?

Enough with the science. Admittedly, the science behind SR9011 can be slightly overwhelming, but once you’re past all the terminology, you’re left with an oral supplement that can transform your bodybuilding endeavors beyond measure.

You can expect the following with Hyper Lean 2.0 (SR9011).

  • Increased Fat Burn

SR9011 approaches fat loss from two angles. First, it increases your body’s energy expenditure. Then, it switches off the genes that help with glucose uptake without affecting insulin sensitivity in any way whatsoever. As a result, the body is forced to turn to the stored fat deposits for fuel.

Secondly, it boosts the rate at which your system produces new mitochondria. Consequently, this increases your metabolism significantly, even during rest. When diet-induced mice were given SR9011 for 30 days, they lost 60% more weight than those on the control. Besides, genetically obese mice in a separate study stopped gaining weight after 12 days without any impact on their glucose levels.

  • Enhanced Endurance

SR9011 enhances your endurance, allowing you to go harder for longer without crashing. As you may know, cardio is the best training for endurance. The idea behind cardio is to increase your heart rate and maximize your capacity. Therefore, if you were to attain your maximum heart rate within 30 minutes of high interval intensity training (HIIT), then this drug will enable you to do the same HITT at only 75% of your heart rate. This will allow you to go for ten more minutes before getting to your maximum limit; it will make a significant difference in your output.

  • Development of Lean Muscle

By substituting old mitochondrion for new, this enhancement drug can boost the rate at which you produce new muscle. This can be enhanced further by stacking it with muscle builders such as Ligandrol if you want to pack serious muscle within a short time.

SR9011 has been used effectively to prevent muscle wasting in people with Sarcopenia. This means that it can help you protect your lean muscle mass and strength gains.

  • Reduced Cholesterol Levels

Honestly, apart from SR9009, its predecessor, this is probably the only product we’ve come across that can reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while maintaining HDL (good cholesterol) levels. This makes it an excellent addition to any AAS stack.

  • Improved Circadian Rhythm

By varying your circadian rhythm, Hyper Lean 2.0 will keep you active and alert throughout the day; this is excellent for your workout regime. Besides, it can help to fight off feelings of fatigue during intense sessions. Furthermore, the sleep that follows is restful and uninterrupted.

  • Faster Recovery

It reduces inflammation and tissue damage which allows the body to recover faster. If you can remember, we mentioned earlier that it faces out old, dead mitochondrial cells and replaces them with new ones. This process helps to boost your recovery rate significantly.

SR9011 Dosage

The substance has a half-life of only 4 hours. This means that it will enter and leave your system pretty fast. Consequently, you need to consider your goals before deciding whether to take it as a single dose or space it out across the day.

If you intend to lift weights, then users recommend taking SR9011 an hour before exercise to keep you energized and alert. 

If you’re looking to enhance your sleep and be at your mental best, you are advised to take small doses throughout the day.

In either case, 50mg is the most you should ever take on a single day; beyond this, you may experience side effects. However, to be on the safe side, most users recommend starting with a small dose of 5 milligrams per day before progressing to 30mg (split into three doses). This will help you to develop tolerance and minimize any sleep-related problems. 

SR9011 Side Effects

There lacks adequate scientific evidence to determine the long-term side effects of SR9011. In short term cycles, this compound appears to be well-tolerated as long as one sticks to the recommended dosage.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that 15 to 20% of the users mentioned insomnia as a possible side effect. However, this was controlled when the dosage was lowered or after discontinuing use.

Final Thoughts

How does exercise in a bottle sound now? Would you have believed if someone told you that you could get shredded without having to spend a single day lifting weights or exercising? It still sounds absurd.

Anyway, it’s pretty remarkable that such a product even exists. It is even more intriguing that it poses no risk of side effects, at least so far.

All in all, SR9011 is one of those products that attest to the mantra that you can have your cake and eat it.

If you’re excited about checking out this product, head out to their official website, and grab a bottle.

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