Kratom And Alcohol – Do They Go Together?

kratom and alcohol

Kratom And Alcohol: a risky combination

If you are using certain conventional drugs, you are clearly warned about the possible precaution and contraindications. The same thing applies to kratom and alcohol. Kratom belongs to the opioid group of drugs and therefore it has a sedative property. Therefore, mixing alcohol with kratom could have very dangerous consequence. Those who have some experience of using kratom are aware of this.

But quite often they forget that it is extremely unsafe to mix kratom and alcohol. The combination could be potentially deadly and each year there are thousands of people who end up in emergency rooms because of such a stupid thing. Though the use of kratom in this country is low when compared to many Southeast Asian nations, it would be wrong to mix it with kratom. It has the same impact when alcohol is mixed and consumed along with drugs that are used for treating depression, epilepsy and other such medical conditions. We share below a few things that could help us understand the risks and dangers associated with mixing of alcohols and kratom.

What Is Kratom

Kratom is an old tropical plant that belongs to the coffee family. It is grown in Southeast Asia. It has been used in this part of the world for centuries as a potent medicine for treating diarrhea and also as a painkiller. It also is used as a powerful herbal supplement that could also help in improving and enhancing energy levels. The leaves are also eaten raw or they are also pulverized.

Further, many would like to brew it as tea or they are also made into capsules, tablets or liquids. It is now available in countries like the USA as a recreational drug. However, until now there is no legitimate use as far as kratom is concerned. There are some states like Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Vermont where the use of kratom is banned and is considered illegal. However, it will not be long before it becomes legal in these states given the fact that the benefits when compared to the risks and side effects.

Why It Should not Be Mixed With Alcohol

The effects of kratom on the body are still not clear and whatever we hear is based on opinions and stories that are shared by users across the world. Research is still going on and it will be some time before the actual results are out. However, there is no denying the fact that there are some short-term as well as long term effects, both positive and negative and this would depend on the dosage that you choose. We are sharing common side effects when kratom and alcohol are mixed together.

  • Increased alertness and energy when both the substances are mixed together in low dose
  • The decrease in appetite at a low dose
  • Increased levels of sociability at low doses
  • At moderate and high doses it could lead to drowsiness
  • Cough suppression has also been reported in moderate to high doses.

Apart from the above, here are some common positive effects when one takes kratom individually without mixing with alcohol or other substances.

  • Reduction in pain when the dosage is in the range of moderate to high.
  • Reduction in opioid withdrawal symptoms. This again is between moderate and high doses
  • Weight loss can also occur at high doses and this also is referred to as anorexia.
  • There is a negative side effect known as hyperpigmentation that could occur at high doses.

We should also be aware of the possible negative side effects of kratom and therefore if a person has these side effects, he or she should be careful not to take in such situations.

Some Real Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Kratom

Though there is no conclusive evidence with regard to the dangers of mixing alcohol with kratom and alcohol, when one examines the properties of both the substances individually we do get some rough idea and some information that could be useful. We should bear in mind that alcohol is a depressant. In other words, it has a capacity of inhibiting the overall functioning of the central nervous system. Further, it also blocks the message that moves from the nerve receptors to the brain. Because of this, the movements, senses, and perceptions of a person are affected. On the other hand, kratom is a sedative and stimulant. Hence, when a depressant and a stimulant/sedative are combined there could be dangerous consequences. Hence, there should not be any second thoughts and you should stay away from alcohol when you are using kratom for any purposes of situations.

How To Treat A Person Affected Because Of Kratom And Alcohol

If you suspect that you are getting addicted to or have started abusing kratom, and are also struggling with alcohol abuse, then you must keep a few things in mind. You must immediately get in touch with your family members if they are nearby and easily contactable. On the other hand, if you are alone then you must have an emergency contact number in hand and must immediately get in touch with it. There are many centers that have special facilities for treating patients who suffer from suspected kratom and alcohol abuse.

The secret lies in the early treatment of the problem and it should not be delayed under any circumstances and situations. Delaying it even by a few hours could be dangerous and fatal in some situations. This depends on the quantum of kratom that has been ingested along with alcohol. The higher the dosage of either of the two, the greater is the risk. Detoxification and removing the excess concentration of both kratom and alcohol from the blood is the most important task and there should not be any delay in the matter whatsoever.

The Final Word

Having said this, there is no doubt that there are some positive benefits and advantages associated with kratom and the same cannot be ignored. It works exceedingly well in pain management, and also whenever there is a need to remove stress and anxiety. You must try and make good use of this naturally occurring plant-based herb and mixing it with alcohol is certainly fraught with risk and should be avoided under all circumstances and situations.