Anavar Review 2020: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The origin of Anavar

An extremely harmless anabolic on the market today is Anavar. It is harmless because people do not have to deal with aromatizing and it will not cause “man boobs”. A few side effects are possible, but that typically comes with misuse of the product. But, it is important to keep in mind the liver whenever taking an oral steroid.

Many people like to use Anavar by itself or along with other types of steroids. Its main function is to see a boost in the strength of a person’s muscles without having to gain weight in the process.  The steroid really focuses on the importance of protein and its ability to provide a high energy rush. 


Despite all the positives that it creates, Anavar is not legal. People will turn to Anvarol, which is an ideal alternative to the steroid.

Background History of the Steroid

Anavar is the name that came out of the more formal chemical named Oxandrolone. The steroid combination was developed in the early 60s and the drug was originally used to provide some therapy relief to all of its users. The drug remained strong until 1989. The FDA stepped in to discuss the dangers of steroids and put a lot of pressure on the company that created Anavar. As a result, it disappeared from the market.

It picked up steam again in 1995 when a different company stepped in and began manufacturing the drug again. They called it Oxadrin instead. Sales were huge at first but the market for steroids was so high that they had to sell it for more money to actually make money. 

How it Works

Anavar works in a similar fashion to when you feel a boost in testosterone levels. The body will feel an increase in muscle mass, strength, and energy. As the body’s metabolism improves, so will the fat burning. The steroid helps to change your body on its own, but in order for that to happen, people will need to work out more and take in a lot more protein.

Because your body is responding to the gains in energy, muscles will become thicker and stronger in a faster amount of time. The additional fat that you store will be reduced. Bodybuilders know not to expect large growth in mass with Anavar. It is more of clean growth, so it is not the most effective steroid for those looking to get huge.

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Benefits of Anavar

Larger Muscles

As mentioned earlier, people can expect to gain larger muscles in a short period of time. Any weight that you gain will be turned into muscle mass. As a result, very little water is retained in the muscles. The muscles that are formed are pure making it a lot easier to maintain what you have achieved. Other steroids make it maintenance difficult once you stop taking it. Many women enjoy using this steroid for that reason alone.

A decrease in Body Fat

Many times, people who are most interested in lowering the fat in their bodies are not bodybuilders. People who are looking to burn fat really enjoy Anavar because they can maintain their muscle look while ridding their body of unwanted fat. There is no need to completely change your diet. Anavar will also help the body burn more fat in a shorter amount of time. A more vascular look will evolve as a result. It is important that a healthy workout and good eating habits accompany the use of this steroid.

Stronger Bones

A lot of people don’t always think about the importance of having strong bones and how effective that is for the rest of your body. Once you consistently use Anavar, you will notice a difference in your bone structure and how much stronger your teeth feel.

Results Don’t Just Disappear

People love Anavar because of how long the effects last. People tend to fear that they will lose all of their results after a short period of time. Anavar helps people sustain the effects and if you participate in a solid post-cycle therapy, these benefits will last even longer.

Side Effects

As mentioned before, the side effects of Anavar are pretty minimal, especially if you stick to the appropriate dosage and routine. But, some of the more common risks and side effects may include:

The Loss of Hair and Gain of Acne

The loss of hair and gain of acne can never be ruled out, even if it is not the most potent steroid. If you are part of a family who typically experiences baldness, your chances of going bald while taking the steroid will increase. People who do not have a family history of baldness should be ok.

Hepatic Problems

Having the ability to ingest Anavar rather than inject it is a benefit. However, when ingested, food detoxification happens. This can lead to liver problems because of the toxicity. If you have any liver problems whatsoever, the steroid should be stopped immediately.

Testicular Contraction

As is very known for taking steroids, there is a chance for testicular contraction. Testosterone is used for fuel and as the steroid enters into a person’s blood, it will trick the brain into thinking it is additional testosterone. Testicles will then produce minimal testosterone, meaning they will begin to contract. This is more prevalent once the cycle ends and people may see their desire to have sex diminish as well.


A standard dosage for men would range from 30-80mg per day. The daily dosage for women would be 5-10mg. If both men and women stick to this dosage amount, they should experience little or no side effects. Women also need to keep in mind that Anavar is based on male sex hormones, so their femininity could be disrupted.


Anavar is not a legal steroid. We do not condone taking it or recommend it. This review is just to provide background on the steroid. There are many supplements that are created to mirror the effects of steroids without the side effects. That is something to consider if you are looking to achieve some of the desired results discussed in this review.

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