Cardarine : The complete review of this SARM

A brief overview of Cardarine

Cardarine, GW-501516 was developed by two pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1990. Initially, it was used for metabolic and heart conditions. Due to its metabolic benefits, it became one of the popular choices for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Most people believe that GW-501516 is a SARM. However, it is a PPAR receptor agonist.

Do you want to know more about cardarine and its benefits? Do you want more information on side effects? If yes, you can go through the following article. It will cover all the possible aspects.

What is Cardarine?

As stated earlier, Cardarine was created to reduce inflammation and improve cardiac health. Many animal-based studies have been conducted to prove the efficiency of Cardarine and most of them found it effective to cure many complications including muscle waste, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. However, it is always suggested to avoid high doses. Excessive higher doses in mice caused cancer growth. Clinical studies have not conducted on humans.

How Does It Work?

Cardarine can work in two ways. First, it works by binding to the PPAR-delta in the cells and second, it stimulates the genres accountable for energy use. By doing so, it can boost metabolism, build muscles, burn fat, improve heart health, and cholesterol levels. Cardarine is popular for offering improved physical performance, decreasing lipids in the blood, and reversing Type II diabetics. You might be thinking about how it helps with all these benefits. Here is scientific evidence.

Burns Fat

Cardarine will block the production of fatty acid chains and that will enable your body to use the existing fat deposits for energy. Also, cardarine does not cause muscle waste. That means you will lose fat without any muscle waste.

Muscle Recovery

As supported by studies, cardarine increases the oxygen usages of your muscles slow twitch fiber. As a result, you can expect improved performance and fast recovery. Also, you can consider low-intensity training for a long time to maximize the benefits. It will boost muscle hypertrophy and stabilize joints.


Cardarine binds to the PPAR agonist receptors and that can influence the energy output since it will turn the gene activity around.

What Can You Expect?

Energy & Stamina

Once you start taking cardarine, your stamina will be better than ever. You will start to push yourself beyond.

Weight Loss

Cardarine is considered best for weight loss. Though you will get rid of the fat deposits, still, it will not cause muscle waste. Also, it will increase glucose uptake and change the way your body reacts to the nutrients that will reduce fat.

Heart Health

Some study reports prove that low doses can increase HDL levels and reduce triglycerides. In addition, it minimizes the oxidative damages in your blood vessels and stops plaque formation.

Brain & Kidney

Cardarine will prevent inflammation and oxidative damage in your brain that you normally experience due to the aging and stress.

Increased Muscle Mass

Cardarine is known for increasing lean muscle fibers without causing water retention. The increased muscle fibers and hard muscle will boost your performance and will enable you to run faster.

Liver Health

It prevents insulin resistance in your liver and protects your liver from certain conditions like diabetes.


Cardarine is not a proper SARM. But you can use it like any other SARM. Take it for a cycle of six to eight weeks and take a break for four to six weeks. Also, the dosage and cycle will vary depending on the purpose of usage. Here are the details.

Cardarine can help you to achieve all your fitness goals. Whether you are planning for stacking or cutting, you can try this to meet your fitness goals. For stacking, you can use twenty to thirty mg every day. Follow the 12-week cycle. For bulking, you can take twenty mg per day and split into two dosages. It will help in lasting muscle gain and clean bulking. You can follow the same dose and cycle for cutting.

Cardarine is known for the PCT. PCT will prevent fat rebound once the cycle is over. Also, it prevents a drop in endurance and effectiveness when you complete the cycle.

When Should You Take Cardarine?

Cardarine comes with a half-life around twelve to twenty-four hours. So, you can split doses into two times instead of taking a high dose once. People prefer to take one dose in the morning and another in the evening. It will make your body stable. Ideally, the cycle should be six to eight weeks. But you can extend it depending on the purpose of usage. When you find it more effective, you can extend the cycle up to 12 weeks, but not more than this.


You will experience a number of benefits while taking cardarine. It can reverse Type II diabetes and improve your cholesterol levels. Cardarine is considered best for weight loss. Also, it will boost the glucose levels in your body and that will help to strip the fat. You will ultimately look leaner. It decreases VLDL proteins, triglycerides, and fatty acid as well. Here are some key benefits of cardarine.

  • Burns your fat and makes you look leaner and ripped
  • Prevents muscle waste and promotes muscle growth and enables you to achieve bigger fitness goals
  • It will reduce obesity and chronic inflammation. Also, it makes the weight loss fast and prevents the possibility of gaining it from your diet
  • You will get an immediate result. You can notice the difference within minutes
  • Enhances the oxygen utilization by your body and enables users to recover fast from muscle soreness and breathe more.

Side Effects

You will not experience any side effect if you follow the right dose and cycle. There is no reported side effect until now.

Does It Cause Cancer?

According to a clinical study done on mice, cardarine can cause cancer in the colon. However, the dose was 1000 times more than the recommended dose.

Cardarine has a profound positive effect on the human body. It can contribute to the overall growth including increased energy and stamina, muscle growth, brain, and kidney health. Take the right dose to prevent any adverse effect.

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