Proven Peptides Review: How Good is this Sarms vendor?

proven peptides

A short introduction to Proven Peptides

Identifying a legit SARMs supplier on the internet can be a challenging undertaking. However, it is worth it if your fitness goals depend on it. You may come across several products capable of transforming your physique within a short period. Apart from improving your gains, researchers have found SARMs to be much safer than steroids.

Although SARMs are safe to use, they still lack adequate regulation. This is why it is vital to ensure that the vendor from whom you are buying is reputable and dependable.

proven peptides

The following article follows a thorough criterion to provide an in-depth analysis of proven peptides. After exhausting the short read, you will be in a unique position to deduce whether the SARMs sold at Proven Peptides are effective. What’s more, you will also be able to evaluate the integrity of the supplier.

Who is Proven Peptides?

Proven Peptides is a Florida-based company. The parent company of Proven Peptides is renowned for selling kratom and is also one of the largest sellers of nootropics. Clearly, this entity is keen on fitness and wellness.

Here’s a bummer. Although this company is called Proven Peptides, they do not actually sell peptides. This is one of the remaining SARMs suppliers in the United States. Moreover, they are one of the most notable names in the SARM industry. You will love to know that the primary focus of this company is to realize maximum satisfaction by consistently providing high-quality products.

Let’s have a look at how the company performs in different aspects.

Customer Service

Upon visiting the official company site, you’ll realize that the customer support at Proven Peptides is readily available on the phone. How cool is that? This means that you do not have to wait for days or weeks to receive an email reply, in case of any concerns.

If you have any queries about their product assortment or whatsoever, pick up the phone, and a friendly agent will address your issues. This is a significant perk considering that this is one of the few SARMs retailers who use phone calls as their primary mode of contact.

Reward Programs & Coupons

This industry giant is not left behind when it comes to loyalty programs. Proven Peptides have a reward program known as peptide points. It works pretty easy too; for every dollar you spend at proven peptides, you earn one peptide point. Once you’ve attained 10 points, you can redeem them for one dollar at the store.

When it comes to discounts, you will love to know that this company has got you covered. For instance, here’s one coupon code that you can use. Pal7.5thx is a coupon code that shaves 7.5% off the cost of your entire order. Better yet, it has no expiration or restrictions.

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Product Quality

First, you will be pleased to know that Proven Peptides has all the popular SARMs, and in different sizes. The products are available in measurements of 60 ml, 30 ml and 15 ml. We love this packaging because it means that you will not have to buy a large quantity of SARMs that you won’t use. It’s much better to opt for a smaller and less expensive one. Besides, most of these products are relatively affordable.

All the SARMs sold by Proven Peptides are tested for safety. This is a critical aspect because as a consumer, you do not want to second-guess the quality and safety of the product you use.

Besides lab testing all their merchandise, the vendor goes a step further to publish the results online, for you to view before buying anything. In case you want to verify the purity of any product, you are at liberty to contact the lab directly.

Overall, this supplier stocks all the SARMs in the market and holds its product to the highest purity standard.

Product Assortment

When looking for the best SARMs vendor on the internet, some of the most crucial aspects that you may be concerned about is the range of product assortment.

As stated earlier, this company provides a wide range of SARMs. Given that their products are available in different sizes, it is easier for you to get the right amount for your cycle.

The different SARMs sold at Proven Peptides include:


As mentioned earlier, the products at Proven Peptides come in three different sizes. They also vary in cost.

One thing that makes this retailer a favorite among SARM enthusiasts is that their prices are more reasonable as opposed to other SARM vendors, whose products do not even match up in quality and safety.

What’s more, once you enroll in the loyalty program, the prices will reduce further.

The least expensive product from this vendor can be bought for as little as $35, while the most expensive one is sold at $140.

As you will realize, very few vendors can match up to the pricing offered by Proven Peptides.

Website Usability

It is undeniable that using some websites can prove to be hectic. Apart from the slow loading speeds, the information provided may not be precise enough for someone to comprehend. For someone trying to buy something off the website, this may be a significant inconvenience.

Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to the Proven Peptides website. Honestly, purchasing SARMs from this website is an unparalleled experience. The site is interactive and easy to navigate. What’s more, the relevant information is provided with every product. You will also be glad to know that if you see a product listed on its website, then you are assured of its availability.

Shipping, Billing & Return Policy

A company’s return policy speaks volumes about its product’s quality and its confidence in it as well. In case you buy something at Proven Peptides, and it does not meet your expectations, you are given 90 days to return it, and you will get a full refund, minus the shipping and handling charges.

To return a product, you are advised to send an email to info@provenpeptides, after which you will be informed of a return address. Subsequently, you will receive your refund as soon as possible. As you may already know, refunds are typically made using the same payment method you used during the purchase.

If the merchandise fails to arrive due to USPS problems, or any other hitches, you are entitled to a full refund or at least a replacement.

What’s more, international customers are given their money back if their goods fail to make through US customs. However, if it penetrates US customs and is held by foreign authorities, you may not get a refund.

Proven Peptides wraps all the products purchased from their company in a bubble package to protect them against damage during transit. The shipment is also discretely labeled, thereby upholding your privacy.

You will also be pleased to learn that customers have reported their shipment being delivered in as little as 72 hours.

Payment Methods

Online shoppers have always been apprehensive of transacting with a particular vendor due to the fear of being scammed. However, Proven Peptides have secure payment methods which means that you need not be worried about your money during the transaction.

The vendor also accepts various payment methods, including:

  • Major credit cards
  • Mailed checks
  • eCheck

Lately, there has been a concern from online shoppers about unscrupulous traders double billing their customers. You’ll be relieved to know that when dealing with Proven Peptides, you’ll only be charged once, and the only charges to expect are the ones listed during checkout.

Is Proven Peptide Legit?

Before you can purchase any SARM, we always advise that you conduct due diligence on the vendor and product as well. In this case, customer reviews and testimonials are your ideal way of working smart on this assignment.

It is quite remarkable when you meet a company that has been in business for a long time, and yet most of its customer reviews (98%) are positive. On a basic level, this means that most people have been satisfied with the products they bought from the retailer.

However, we came across some negative reviews from customers who had received broken bottles and were asked to pay to return the product, which seemed a little unfair to the customer.

Here’s a summary of the customer reviews left by Proven Peptide clients.


  • Avails products in various sizes
  • Publishes lab tests on official site
  • Has a full in-house customer staff
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • All SARMs for sale have a third-party certificate for analysis
  • Buyers receive free shipping for all orders exceeding $75


  • None

Final Thoughts

When using SARMs for muscle gain, the purity of the product is one of the things that matters the most. Proven Peptides are renowned for selling high-quality SARMs, which ensure that you not only get the best results but also steer clear of unwanted side effects.

Again, buying from this company assures you peace of mind. Apart from the 100% money-back guarantee, you are at liberty to call the lab for further clarification on the product’s quality.

Overall, Proven Peptides is one of the good guys, if not the best in the world of SARM retailing. We definitely recommend this one.

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