Green Malay Kratom: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

All You Need to Know About Green Malay Kratom

If you are looking for a naturally grown kratom packed with a number of benefits, then you are perhaps in the right place. We will be spending some time understanding more about Green Malay Kratom. This strain of kratom has been around for many decades and centuries now and it has proved itself beyond doubt in handling, preventing and giving relief for many health and lifestyle-related conditions. It is considered one of the best whenever there is a need for improving mood and also for getting some immediate and long-lasting relief from pain.

Over the past few decades, it also has gained popularity beyond its natural prowess. This is because it is very strong and potent. Hence, it is quite normal when thousands of users refer to it as Super Green Malay. In fact, many users prefer this strain over other strong strains of kratom. It includes the Maeng Da strain. This is perhaps because it has a longer half-life, and is also cheaper and therefore cost-effective. But there are a few supporters of Maeng Da who have different stories to tell about Green Malay. However, there is no doubt that the Green Malay Kratom continues to grow in popularity and this is because of a number of obvious reasons. We will look at a few of them.

A Few Things About Green Malay Kratom Leaves

Kratom leaves in Malaysia are also known as Keetum.  These leaves have a special capability and act as mu-opioid and this is something equivalent to morphine. Hence, whenever there is a need to handle chronic pain, many natural medication specialists turn to the proven Malaysian kratom leaves. It also could be useful for treating pains that impact the muscle and back, and also for giving relief to those who suffer from chronic migraine headaches. Those who suffer from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis also could get significant benefits when they use the leaves of this particular strain from Malaysia. This is perhaps because each and every leaf of Green Malay Kratom is rich in a compound called Mitragynine.

These leaves come with a unique oval shape and are easily identifiable because of the dark green tone. The veins are also green but in some cases, they also might have a white or red tone. The green-white combination is very precious and is considered to be one of the strongest in the family of Green Malay Kratom. The high concentration of mitragynine acts as a very powerful antioxidant and therefore many believe that it could also improve immunity as well as the strength for the cells that are often impacted negatively by free-radicals. Many cancer users also have started reposing their faith in this and it gives them very good results and could help patients who have to undergo chemotherapy. Further, the alkaloids that are found in Green Malay Kratom could also be useful when it comes to enhancing the mood and also for improving general health and keeping the hormone balance intact.

How Does It Compare With Other Strains

There is no denying the fact that each and every strain of kratom is unique and has certain benefits and advantages. The green kratom strain Malaysia often compares extremely well with other strains because of two main reasons. They are sustainability and potency. The green variant is extremely useful as a stimulant and at low doses, it works very well. Further, it also is very good for those who are keen on improving energy and strength without being worried about the numbing effect that is often present in many other strains of kratom. It also has a smooth analgesic effect and also contains anti-inflammatory properties that are so very essential for chronic and even acute pain management.

Benefits And Side Effects

The benefits of Green Malay Kratom have been talked about quite above but we will list down a few of the main positive effects of this strain of kratom.

  • Mood enhancer.
  • Increase in energy levels.
  • Relief from acute, chronic and moderate pain.
  • Improves motor function and sensory functions.
  • It has very good euphoric effects.
  • Works in low doses.

Side effects

  • Dizziness and nausea are common amongst starters and therefore they are advised to exercise caution and start with very low dosages.
  • The inability to concentrate is also another problem reported by a few users.
  • Some people also report excessive sweating and itchiness.
  • It also could lead to hyperactivity.

However, we need to bear in mind that the side-effects are not there amongst a majority of users and it happens only when the dosage is misused or when they are indiscriminate about the usage of Green Malay Kratom. As an end-user, you have to exercise control and responsibility when it comes to consuming kratom. However, there have never been any cases of fatality or death caused by excessive use of Green Malay Kratom. On the whole, it is quite safe and well-tolerated.


There cannot be a fit-all dosage and this applies to all strains of kratom across the board. The effectiveness and potency will depend on various factors such as age, tolerance, body chemistry, weight, age, and other factors. However, based on experience and history we are sharing below typical dosage structures for different uses.

  • The minimum dosage should be around 1 gram and this can be increased gradually to 10 grams. Anything above 10 grams is considered unsafe and therefore not recommended. Such high doses could lead to side effects and these have been mentioned above.
  • If a person is 70 kg t would be advisable to start with a dosage of 2 to 3 grams of Kratom per day. For people with a lower weight, a starting dosage of 1 gram is recommended with a gradual increase in the dosage till such time the person concerned is able to get the hot spot.
  • People with 150 to 200 lbs could adhere to a dosage of 3 to 4 grams.
  • Above 200 pounds a daily dosage of 5 grams is considered safe but it should be under careful observation.

Important Points To Consider

We need to understand the Green Malay Kratom is strong and potent and therefore it should never be taken on an empty stomach. You should fill your stomach first with some rich and nutritious food and only then should you take the dosage, however, small and insignificant it may look.