Kratom High: The Beginners Guide in 2019

What is Kratom High?

Kratom is a plant-based substance obtained from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa that is native to Southeast Asia. The product has been used for ages by individuals from all walks of life, but more so by farmers and laborers in Thailand and Malaysia.

Individuals chew its leaves or brew it in tea for some of the following reasons.

  • To increase energy levels
  • To boost productivity
  • To fight off fatigue
  • To relieve strained muscles
  • To relieve pain

However, you will find the term kratom high being thrown around in blogs and other forums. One can’t help but wonder how a herb with such benefits could get you high. Anyway, my position is that kratom high is somewhat a misconception, and somehow a reality. You’ll get it real soon.

kratom high

Due to this ‘high’ factor, kratom has been likened to opiates and has brought considerable controversy between concerned parties. To some, kratom is a dangerous substance that can get you high and addicted, while to others, it is a safe, natural homeopathic remedy.

Let’s get into it and find out as much as we can on everything that kratom high entails.

Kratom High Explained

So, what is kratom high? Well, this is a term used to describe a euphoric feeling that an individual gets when they use kratom. It is a term coined by kratom users who use the herb for recreational purposes. As such, they tend to abuse it (overdose), and only this way can you experience a kratom high.

In most parts of the world, including the considerable part of America, kratom is a legal substance.

Kratom is also used by people combating opioid or heroin addiction as a way to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. However, it also carries a risk of addiction and dependence.

Does Kratom Get You High?

The short answer here is yes, it does.

An individual is likely to experience kratom high for about ten to fifteen minutes, and the kratom will remain active for about five hours after taking it. When kratom is taken in low doses, it is regarded as a stimulant that enhances alertness and sociability.

However, when used in higher doses, it bears effects similar to those of opiate drugs. Some off these effects include relaxation, reduced anxiety, reduced sensation to pain, pinpoint pupils, and sedation.

Although kratom has similar effects to opiates, it isn’t an opiate. Technically, an opiate is a substance that is explicitly obtained from the opium poppy plant (e.g. morphine and codeine). However, it can be categorized as an opioid. Opioids bind to the same receptors opiates attach to in the brain. However, they do not stimulate them in the same way opiates do.

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How Does Kratom Get You High?

As mentioned earlier, kratom can get you tripping, especially if you take too much of it. It is for this reason that kratom is banned in most countries and is categorized as a controlled substance in foreign countries.

Findings from recent studies indicated that kratom contains more than 20 bioactive chemicals. However, its primary alkaloids (Mitragynine and 7-HMG) function as opioid receptor agonists; it means that they fully activate the opiate receptors located in the brain. As a result, they can lead to dependence and addiction.

When the alkaloids act on the opiate receptors, they provoke the brain to release certain chemical messengers that influence one’s mood. When these chemicals are released in abundance, one may feel mellow, stress-free, and euphoric, which is termed as kratom high.

If you do not wish to get kratom high, then you must adhere to a low kratom dose.

Things You May Feel During Kratom High

Often, people want to know what it feels like to be high on kratom. Before we can answer this question, you must realize that the majority of kratom users do not use the herb as a recreational substance to get them high. Instead, most individuals use kratom because it is a safe and organic alternative to pharmaceutical treatments. These are folks who want to fight pains, aches, unbalanced mood, and low energy.

The following are some of the things that one may experience during a kratom high.

  • Euphoria

Euphoria has become quite the ubiquitous refrain among kratom users. Most users usually rave about the euphoric wave they experience after consuming kratom. As mentioned earlier, kratom is not an opiate, but it sure does behave like one. As such, it makes the brain to release dopamine, which elicits a feel-good effect.

  • Relaxation

As the brain produces dopamine, the user experiences a wave of bliss, pleasure, and euphoria. This is, in fact, the reason why individuals turn to kratom to enhance their mood.

Ideally, everyone across the globe has something that helps them to relax after a long day at work, or simply, a hectic day. It does not matter whether it’s a beer, a glass of wine, or a movie.

One of the effects of taking kratom is that it provokes feelings of relaxation. You would understand why millions would turn to this herb to help them unwind. According to anecdotal evidence, you are bound to experience a profound state of calmness within a few minutes of sipping kratom tea. It is said that your muscles will begin loosening up, the pain will be numbed, and your worries will start falling away.

  • Sociability

Kratom high also introduces a sense of friendliness. This is closely associated with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Once your mood begins brightening up after taking some kratom, you will find yourself becoming incredibly chatty with the people around you.

Nowadays, most people opt for kratom instead of alcohol during social gatherings. Reasonably so, kratom gets them to be as social as they’d like, and they do not have to worry about dreadful alcohol hangovers the next day. There is an increasing number of bars and lounges within the United States that serve kratom to their clientele.

  • Pain Relief

The ability of opioids to alleviate pain is second to none. Kratom has the unique ability to slow down the transfer of pain signals from one neuron to the next, throughout the entire body.

Unfortunately, opioid use is pretty addictive. Studies indicate that the number of prescription opioids sold quadrupled from 2000 to 2015. Surprisingly, there has not been a change in the amount of pain reported by Americans.

Millions of people across the globe are reluctant to rely on pharmaceutical medication. As such, millions are turning to natural options such as kratom to help them combat everyday aches and pains.

The best thing about kratom is that it can target the same pain receptors opioids such as morphine do but without the adverse side effects. Within an hour of taking high-quality red vein kratom, you will realize that the pain that was once nagging you is no more.

  • Increased Energy

Kratom is like a double-edged sword or a Swiss army knife; it has a wide range of applications. At specific amounts, the herb functions as a pain reliever and a sedative. Other strains such as the White Vein are known for increasing energy and focus. An increasing number of people prefers taking kratom tea in the morning to coffee. Besides, kratom provides all the energy-boosting effects, without the drawbacks, such as coffee jitters.

As noted earlier, laborers working in demanding and intensive jobs would chew kratom leaves to enhance their stamina and energy. After taking kratom, you might notice an increase in focus, your ability to think may also be enhanced, not to mention that your overall productivity may improve.

Negative Effects of a Kratom High

As you’d expect with any psychoactive substance, kratom high has some potential downsides.

They include:

  • Irritability
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

If you want to get the most out of this natural homeopathic remedy, you must be keen to take the right dosage at all times. In most cases, the root of these undesirable experiences emanates from taking more kratom than the recommended amount.

Final Thoughts

Kratom high is not a black swan. However, the fact that it exists does not mean that it is indeed why people use kratom. Well, it could be termed as a kratom side effect because the majority of people who use kratom rely on it to cope with various issues of life including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, opiate withdrawal, chronic pain, and many others.

The effects of kratom are dependent on the particular strain you choose. For instance, the White Vein produces stimulating effects, elicits feelings of delight, increases concentration, and boosts energy. On the flip side, the Red Vein tends to be more sedative and analgesic. It is used to ease depression and is also used a sleeping aid.

Therefore, a kratom experience can run from feeling euphoric to profoundly relaxed to alert and engaged.

Kratom use is accompanied by some risk of addiction, although it is much less than other opioids. Moreover, it only occurs when you use high amounts of kratom regularly. However, when used responsibly kratom has incredible potential to not only numb pain, but to also help people kick the addiction for good.

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