Red Bali Kratom: Everything you need to know

Introduction to Red Bali Kratom

There are numerous kratom strains available in the market today. Each of them has a different alkaloid composition and is grown in a different location. Arguably, the climate kratom grows in is among the factors that affect the effects a strain produces. Therefore, when you hear Red Bali Kratom what comes into your mind?

The presence of the name “Bali” in the strain’s name seems to indicate that this kratom strain may be originating from Bali, Indonesia. Surprisingly, that is not the case.

Bali is part of a marketing ploy to grab the attention of a potential kratom user. Well, it may be a little deceiving, but the Red Bali Kratom does not grow anywhere near Bali but in a small forest district known as JongKong.

Travel agencies and the urban dictionary describe Bali as the most fabulous destination in the world. Taking a vacation to an exotic destination isn’t feasible to a lot of people. However, when you say Bali, it means that you accept that the name takes you to a fantastic location you enjoy visiting time and again.

Enough with the fables. How about a detailed guide on everything Red Bali kratom?

What is Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali is a kratom strain belonging to a plant family known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It belongs to a group of kratom variety known as red vein kratom. The name red vein represents the color of the leaf vein running across the middle of the kratom leaf. 

Red Bali Kratom is probably one of the most popular kratom varieties, and maybe the most common choice among enthusiasts. It is widely used for its analgesic and stress-relieving properties. Additionally, it has been touted to assist with anxiety, insomnia, and withdrawal from opioid addiction. Red Bali is one of the more affordable kratoms as it grows relatively fast and is available in large quantities.

Have you ever asked yourself what causes the effects after taking kratom? Well, all kratom leaves contain two types of alkaloids. The first one is known as Mitragynine, which is the most abundant, and the other is known as 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, the latter is the more potent of the two.

Red Bali kratom contains over 25 alkaloids. Typically, a kratom strain may have up to 40 alkaloids, most of which can be found in other strains. However, what differentiates the various strains is their quantity and percentage.

Out of all the red vein kratom strains, Bali is said to have the highest number of alkaloids. However, it contains high amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is an analgesic agent, Speciogynine, Mitraphylline, and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine which help to release the stress, relax the muscles and provide extra support.

What Are the Benefits of Red Bali Kratom?

The presence of the alkaloids mentioned above uniquely endows Red Bali with the ability to help in several therapeutic and recreational ways.

  • Provides Pain Relief

Red Bali is highly famous for its pain-relieving effects. Arguably, it is one of the most analgesic kratom strains in the market today.

People with chronic pain are using Red Bali with much success to lead a more comfortable life. Regardless of the pain (be it bone and muscle structure deformation, aging, medical condition, injuries, among others), Red Bali kratom has shown to be reliable.

You could even argue that it is a much better alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers. Why? It is highly effective at relieving the pain, yet it is not linked to any long-term side effects as is the case with medicinal pain relievers.

  • Promotes Relaxation

For ages, the natives of South East Asia have used Red Bali as a relaxing agent. To date, they use the herb to help them unwind and relieve tension. As a result, it has become widely used in the West as an anti-depressant.

Whenever you need a soothing effect or are looking to relax, you can use Red Bali. If you are stressed, or anxious, a small dose of this kratom will calm your nerves and help you get out of your head (thank me later).

  • Treating Opiate Addiction

Opioid substances are being widely used today, to the extent, the United States’ government has called it a significant public health concern. Many lose their lives indulging in opioid use, and nasty withdrawal effects usually meet those who try to quit.

Findings from recent studies indicate that Red Bali kratom may help soothe the process of quitting opioid and stopping dependence. Numerous studies show that Red Bali interacts with receptors in a similar way to the opioids. Typically, by taking Red Bali, you’ll satisfy your craving for opiates without having to consume the harmful substances.

The beauty of all this is that you get to quit using and depending on opioids, without having to experience the unpleasant withdrawal effects that affect other recovering addicts.

However, if you plan on using Red Bali to manage the withdrawal effects, you must seek professional guidance. It is crucial to do so as a professional will ensure a smooth withdrawal while preventing the chances of kratom addiction. Yes, if you use kratom aimlessly, it will get addictive.

  • Enhances Mood

Ever get those days when you feel incredibly unmotivated and really low to do anything? You’ll be glad to learn that all you need on such days is a small dose of Red Bali kratom to spice up your day. After taking Red Bali, you’ll go through each activity you undertake with plenty of enthusiasm.

Red Bali’s potential to boost mood hints to the possibility of using the herb to ease symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, Red Bali is slow acting. What’s more, it exhibits both sedative and relaxing properties, thus making it not-so-able to provide the best results when used by depressed individuals.

  • Promotes Better Sleep

Now that we’ve mentioned sedation, this kratom strain can help with sleep-related issues. For this reason, you’ll hear user’s saying that the best time to take Red Bali Kratom is in the evening.

Sleep issues may be caused by a myriad of factors, including stress and pain. Given that this kratom relieves those, it can enhance your quality of sleep significantly.

Red Bali Kratom Side Effects

Is Red Bali Kratom Safe? Yes, it is. However, like anything, when not taken moderately, it may cause adverse consequences. Some of the unwanted effects of taking Red Bali Kratom include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Constipation and other stomach problems
  • Blurry vision
  • Long-term use may also lead to addiction

The silver lining here is that all these side effects can be avoided by sticking to minimum doses. Therefore, if you experience any unwanted effect, you should reduce your amount immediately, and stop using if the symptoms persist.

Red Bali Kratom Dosage

Foremost, the issue of dosage is a highly individual matter and is contingent on multiple factors.

Red Bali is mostly considered an ideal strain for beginners. Its potency is moderate, which means it can be taken in high doses. However, it is recommended that you begin with one to two grams if you are a novice kratom user, and increase the dosage gradually.

If you want to experience the most potent sedative effects, most users find their sweet spot at around eight grams. For moderate and balanced results, four to six grams usually does it for most users.

Instead of jumping to the ‘recommended’ amount, it is usually best to start low and increase our dosage as you enjoy the spectrum of effects. As you experiment, you may be surprised to learn that you realize the said effects with much lower doses.

What’s more, developing tolerance is real when using kratom. However, given the strain’s moderate potency, the risk of building tolerance becomes reduced. This doesn’t mean that you should take Red Bali every day without a break. You are advised to take a break and include a few other strains to your cycle to minimize the risk of tolerance.

Purchasing Red Bali Kratom

The Red Bali kratom plant features large leaves, making this kratom to be one of the most readily available strains. According to Business 101, when something is adequately supplied, the prices remain reasonable.

Anyway, standard Red Bali should cost anywhere between $8 and $10 per ounce. The more expensive batches are sold for $13 to $15 per ounce.

Take away: the quality of your kratom experience is highly dependent on where you will buy your stuff. Reputable vendors always have the best kratom, which is tested for purity and quality. What’s more, they aren’t necessarily the more expensive suppliers.


Red Bali Kratom is a staple within the kratom community. You will find almost every online kratom vendor slinging it, although the batch quality may vary a great deal.

What’s more, it is a fantastic strain for beginners, as it offers all the benefits of a red vein kratom, and its moderate potency reduces the risk of side effects.

As such, Red Bali kratom is ideal for people without a specific condition, but need an extra boost in mood, relaxation, or better sleep.

Overall, this strain will remain to be an all-time favorite owing to its excellent balance, and modest, yet significantly noticeable effects.