Sarmspharm Review: The best online SARMs store for You?

Sarmspharm Review: a brief introduction

It is the age of information overload and, alas,  in the case of SARMs, it only gets worse, mainly because the overload relates to false information. So how should you, a prospective Sarm buyer, know what to look for in this market if you want to buy a quality product?

First, you need to know that SARMs are not cleared for personal use or human consumption in the US. The law limits them for use in research. Nonetheless, that does not stop individuals such as bodybuilders and athletes from trying to get them for their personal use – never mind what the law says!

Unfortunately, since the SARMs market is not regulated, it is swamped with fake products masquerading as SARMs. In one study reported by CNN in 2017, researchers found that only  18 of 44 purported Sarm products they had bought from the market contained the SARM compound as indicated on the label. Despite this, the majority of the 18 had lower doses of the active compound compared with what was declared on the label.

This means that buyers are mercilessly shortchanged by unscrupulous vendors out to make a kill. It is vital for buyers to be keen and appropriately informed to avoid ending up in the lair of these ruthless vendors.

In this article, I take a look at Sarms Pharm, a SARM vendor based in the US. How legit are they and should you buy your SARM products from them?

Factors to look for in a SARMs vendor

Here is how I have analyzed the company based on these key indicators that contribute to company quality.

  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Website quality
  • Customer support
  • Shipping policy
  • Returns and refunds

But before I dive into the meat, let me tell you a bit about SARMs and their use.

What are SARMS?

Also known as Selective Androgen Receptors, these compounds were invented in the lab way back in the 1960s. For the most part, they remained locked up in academia and the research world without coming out to the wider public for quite some time. Not too surprising given their mystery and arcane nature.  Medical researchers, in particular, we’re interested in how they could be used to treat various diseases such as cancer, muscle wasting, and osteoporosis.

It was not until years later that word leaked out, and the bodybuilding and sporting community went crazy about these mystery compounds. Why? They would make a perfect substitute for steroids and prohormone, performance enhancement drugs that had fallen out of grace because of their ghastly side effects to the health of users.

SARMs proved to be excellent because they were more selective compared to steroids and prohormones, going only for the relevant parts of the body such as bone and muscle tissue. This made them produce fewer side effects.

However, debate still rages on the use of SARMs, and in many countries, they are banned. In the US, SARMS are cleared only as research chemicals and are illegal as pharmaceutical drugs. Bodybuilders and athletes, however, can them as dietary supplements.

With that background, we are now ready to look into Sarms Pharm as a Sarmss vendor.

Product quality

What’s the product quality offered by Sarm pharm? By now, it should become obvious to anyone who follows these companies that they always have a ready answer when it comes to quality. They claim that independent labs test their products according to high and strict standards. They will also almost certainly publish results on their website. While all that is a good sign of transparency, it doesn’t always translate to quality at the key moment when the customer using the product.

Product variety

Sarms Pharm offers SARMs in both powder and liquid forms. However, their range of SARMs products is no more than 8, though this includes some of the most popular names such as A23 and YK 11. The company stocks liquid SARMs in bottles of 30 mL, and they come in various concentrations.

To take an example, the company stocks the highly popular LGD 4033 and in two different concentrations: 10 mg per mL and 30 mg per mL.


  • Cardarine (GW 501515)
  • Ligandrol (LGD 4033)
  • Andarine (S4)
  • Ibutamoren (MK 677)
  • S23
  • RAD 140
  • SR 9009
  • YK 11
  • MDMA

One thing that distinguishes Sarm Pharm from other vendors is that whereas other vendors make either powder or liquid SARMs the focus of the business, Sarm Pharm makes both of them of central focus.

Customer service

The company’s customer support is reasonably decent, based on customer reviews. This comes from their active email and online contacts. Their website provides an email form where you can fill and write your issues or concerns.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide a phone number or even a physical address which is a bit disappointing. However, you can connect to them through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You will enjoy the same level of connection as you do with social media in general.

Web navigability

This vendor has done an excellent job in its website design and presentation. Visiting this site leaves, a positive impression, and the company does an excellent job of making itself distinct from other vendors. The site appears more professional, avoiding the all-too tempting images of bodybuilders that other sites plaster all over their homepages.

The site seemed to have been made with the research community in mind. The standard positives of a good website are featured, including a well-linked structure that leads you to every other page with ease. The design is easy enough for even a novice to master quickly and navigate comfortably.

All the necessary information has been thoughtfully featured including an educational page on SARMs and links to all the specific products, whether liquid or powder. There is also a Contact Page that makes it easy to communicate with the company and to forward your concerns and issues.

Customers reviews are also featured so you get to see a variety of views that may be of interest to you regarding various aspects of the company and its products.


Sarms pharm offers what appears to be decent shipping terms to its buyers. If you have bought over $100 worth of orders, you qualify for free shipping.


The company’s prices are considered to be some of cheapest around. That may be thrilling to buyers who are on a limited budget, but it also comes with some caveats. Low prices could be a pointer to low quality, although it’s not always the case.

The price for the 10 mg/mL concentration of Ligandrol comes to $39.99, which is on the lower side when you compare with other market vendors. That price is half of what others charge, which makes it pretty cheap.

Payment methods

  • Major credit cards (MasterCard and Visa accepted, but you can’t buy more than $345 worth of goods through them)
  • Zelle
  • Bitcoin


I was not able to establish definitively whether the company offers any coupons. However, the chances that they do this is too low. Remember the prices are already dirt cheap, to begin with, so why would they throw in a coupon or discount on top? Go ahead and enjoy their low prices!

User Reviews

The feedback provided by customers presents a puzzling picture of the company. The verdict seems to be torn down the middle between approval and disapproval. For example, some users on LGD reported no effects, even by week 4 of using it. This surprised them because using the same product bought from other vendors brought phenomenal changes in strength and bulk by week 4.

This reflects dismally on the company since Ligandrol is known to be incredibly potent. This observation was in sharp contrast with other users, who praised the product heartily. This means the company is not able to give users consistent quality in its products, and that could weigh on customer perception on company quality.


  • High purity tested  products
  • Affordable prices


  • Mixed customer reviews about the quality
  • Purity questions have popped up and users, think that they are underdosed

Conclusion of Sarmspharm

Sarms Pharm should be a great company to buy your SARMs, products from but for some reasons I will give shortly. In many respects, they hit the right marks and seem to deserve a high place in one’s list of favorite SARM’s suppliers.

Boasting one of the best customer service staff, great affordability of their products, the company wins at all of these with ease. Yet it all comes apart with one blot on their name. Even though the company claims high purity for their products, I am skeptical about their potency. This is, evident from customer review, many of whom believe that their products are underdosed. It is no use getting all the other great aspects of the company’s offerings right only to end up with an ineffective underdosed product.

You can still get well-dosed products at reasonable prices together with all the other positive aspects from other vendors.