The Complete Review on YK11: Pro’s & Con’s 2019

All about yk11 Compound

A lot has been said about the ability of YK11 in helping bodybuilders realize their ultimate mental and physical potential. More exciting news about this is what users claim YK11 doesn’t come along with any side effects after usage. YK11 looks just like a regular SARM at the face value but if you keenly inspect it, you will get to know that is not such an ordinary compound as you may think. Herein you will learn more about the mechanism of action of this compound to its possible side effects and other potential risks. 

Is YK11 a SARM?

The users of this compound most of them refer to it as a SARM due to lack of an appropriate word to give a clear description of it. But if you carry out research about it, you will find it quite different. To others, they consider it a myostatin inhibitor, but then; it is still not such fully clear whether the compound is such a selective androgen modulator receptor. From the research that has so far been conducted, it has been seen to have a discriminating effect to the androgen receptors, however, the SARMS works through the androgen receptors directly without having to exhibit any given selective qualities.

How it works

YK11 compound has the same chemical structure to that of DHT and this is clearly shown by the means it binds itself to the androgen receptors. Our bodies normally produce DHT in a natural way to help it promote hair growth, prostate health, and proper development during the puberty stage. Classifying YK11 compound as a SARM will place it to be the most potent and strongest one that you will find in the market. This is simply because it has the capability to do the activation of androgen receptors partially; this will thereafter cause a catabolic androgenic activity to go even through the roof. To add to this, it is known to be a myostatin inhibitor by other people. 

Different cell studies have been conducted to determine how the compound works to enhance muscle growth, from the results that were issued by the researchers; the compound just aims at increasing the levels of follistatin. This is another protein that occurs naturally in our bodies that are in place to keep myostatin on a check. But then, what is myostatin? This is simply a hormone that works to curtail unbridled growth of muscle. We can say that to this far it’s this compound that has the ability to inhibit myostatin protein. Other researches show that this compound has the ability to promote the growth of bones simply by interfering with a gateway that works in a similar manner like DHT.

The benefits of YK11

  • Helps to increase the size of our muscles

This compound has the ability to enhance muscle growth even though it’s not a SARM; it is actually as strong as S23. This is due to its ability to increase follistatin levels that it will enhance the growth of body muscle cells. The work of follistatin is also to suppress myostatin thereby opening an individual to limitless possibilities of muscle growth. However, myostatin inhibition may not happen at all in case follistatin effects become inhibited in any given way and thus rendering the compound ineffective.

To make it clear, there are yet no studies have been conducted to back this compound data. All that is out is just anecdotal evidence that is based on reviews in online forums by those who have used it. Users have stated a significant fat reduction experience after use and about 15 lbs gains of lean muscles in a short period.

  • Helps to strengthen our bones

The sex hormones are the essentials to maintain our bones healthy and strong. Evidence from conducted studies shows that this compound has the capability of increasing the strength of the bones simply by binding itself to the androgen receptors in the body and this is a similar thing that almost all existing SARMs do.

YK11 compound has also the capability of increasing activated PKB amounts that are present in the cells of the body that will, in turn, facilitate the growth and development of the bone cells. On our topic, we should not forget that we normally aim at attaining healthy and strong muscles and bones to reduce chances of attaining fractures. YK11 in this regard may also be able to help since it is more effective at supporting bone health, building muscles and also in mitigating bone fragility effects.

YK11 dosage

For those who have tried it, they say that a dosage of between 10 to around 15 mg every day is the best dosage to work finely. There are other users who have reported that 5 mg in a day provides out positive results. But then, whichever the dosage is taken, there has since never heard on any possible side effects towards the taken dosages. There are other users who cycle for between 4-8 weeks and others even stack at different SARMs altogether. But then, it is mostly split into two different dosages per day by most users simply to stabilize the drug and minimize its half-life. To achieve better results out of it, it is recommended to stack with other SARMs in the market as you lower its dosage to at around 5 mg per day.

The side effects of YK11

To the far we are at, only cellular studies have been conducted on this drug. There is not yet any clinical evidence or even animal studies that have been conducted to back all the claims that have been stated about YK11. So this should be a guide to you that you should think again and again about YK11 before using it. It has been reported that the compound can be toxic to our livers. Speaking hypothetically on this drug, it may affect the growth of hair, bring about prostate health, vocal cord and also beneficial to other important body organs.


This is among the strongest and powerful compound in the market currently. You should learn more about it before you can think of trying it out.

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